Man wakes up wrapped in sticky tape

00:28, May 12 2010

Timaru police were left puzzled after they found a distressed man wrapped in sticky tape.

Police went to the intersection of North St and Woodlands Rd about 6am on Saturday after they received a call from a man who claimed he had been kidnapped.

They found him wrapped in sticky tape but he could only recall he had woken up in a house, Sergeant Ian Howard said.

"Police had trouble getting information about the incident from the complainant because of his level of intoxication."

However, the complaint was being taken seriously as the incident had left the 19-year-old Timaru man terrified, he said.

The complainant appeared to have passed out and woken up to discover his head and hands bound in plastic tape.


Mr Howard said the man said he had suffered breathing difficulties after his head was tied up with sticky tape. "It appeared to be a prank gone wrong."

After further discussions with police yesterday, the man claimed he had been dropped off by three people at the intersection of Woodlands Rd and Canada St where they cut the binding on his hands and released him.

The complainant realised it was a practical joke but it was still a technical offence, Mr Howard said. Police were wanting to speak to one of his "mates" and others who may have been involved.

Two men and woman had allegedly restrained the man and dropped him off.

"We've all seen people tied up but it's generally shenanigans.

"However, we've still got an unhappy 19-year-old and there may have been a line crossed."

Mr Howard said the complainant accepted it as a "cruel joke" but police may still lay charges.

Police would like to speak to anyone who had seen a man dressed in a white hoody, black beanie and black pants near the intersection of Woodlands Rd and Canada St between 6am and 6.30am on Saturday.

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