Car wrapped in birthday prank

02:53, Jul 28 2010
Happy birthday, it's a wrap
PARKED UP: Courtney Forrest's car was secured to a bus stop as part of a birthday prank.

Palmerston North man Courtney Forrest had more than presents to unwrap when he woke up on his 22nd birthday.

The Massey University business studies student was the "victim" of a prank pulled by his girlfriend Hannah Pagel yesterday.

In a scheme that required plenty of planning, she moved Mr Forrest's car from his Albert St driveway to a nearby bus stop without him knowing.

She then used about 300m of industrial cling wrap to secure the 1991 Nissan Primera  dubbed "Black Beauty"  to the bus stop, much to the confusion of commuters and passers-by.

"I was pretty gobsmacked when I walked out there. It was a good effort," Mr Forrest said.

"I suppose it's a bit of payback," he said, referring to a similar prank he pulled on Miss Pagel earlier in the year.

Mr Forrest said it didn't take long to free his car from the wrap. He was now thinking of ways to get his girlfriend back. "I'm working on it."


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