Chocolate bar world record set in Ashburton

06:29, Sep 11 2010

Ashburton tasted sweet success today, after it took almost 24 hours to set a new world-record for a giant chocolate bar.

From midnight on Friday to this afternoon, BullRush Handmade Chocolates, of Ashburton, made a 14.58-metre-long chocolate bar.

It sets a new Guiness World Record for the longest chocolate bar. The previous world record was 11.57 metres long, after a chocolate bar was made in Italy in March this year.

BullRush Chocolates owner Nadine Porter said officials had monitored the world-record attempt, which took six people to build it using special moulds and dark coverture chocolate. It was 49.5 percent cocoa and tasted beautiful, said Porter, who sampled a small piece of it.

Hundreds of people had stopped to witness the chocolate making, done outside the store, where a chocolate fair was also held, she said.

Porter said the store would auction off some of the chocolate bar this week. All money raised would be donated to Christchurch's earthquake victims.

Porter had heard many children remained traumatised by last weekend's earthquake, and hoped the sweet treat would take their mind of it.

''Many children, are jumping at every little noise and need their mind taking off what is happening around them,'' Porter said.


Sunday Star Times