For sale: One left leg, at $1m

22:28, Feb 26 2009

Geology graduate and digital entrepreneur James Stewart is selling his left leg on the internet – for a million dollars.

The 24-year-old Christchurch man says his leg has about 2000 square centimetres of skin, and he is selling advertising space on it for $500 a square centimetre.

One client has already bought space for an ad.

"It's a fun and cool way of advertising," Mr Stewart told international Forbes Business Magazine.

He estimates his leg has space to tattoo 200 advertisements on it and raise money to support his art website.

The idea was inspired by the Million Dollar homepage, the brainchild of Briton Alex Tew who raised $US1 million ($NZ1.34 million) by selling one million blank pixels on an internet homepage for $US1 each.


Mr Stewart said sponsors can choose artwork from his website, and he will pay the designer at least $1000 for using their art.

"I am hoping I can get small, local firms," he said. If he reaches his goal, he will donate $50,000 to charity. He is also considering "selling" his right leg.

Mr Stewart, who also sells advertising on coffee cups – for $6000 for 25,000 cups in NZ cities – said he has lots of ideas for money-making websites but was focussing on his Art Klick and Million Dollar Leg Project.

The art website is intended to be a free platform for New Zealand artists to sell their artwork, but he had blown all his money on setting up the website.

"We have a cool site but no money to market it," he said on his website.