No mistake! Woman's $252,000 cell phone bill

A South Florida woman got a shock when she opened a recent cell phone bill: she owed US$201,000 (NZ$252,141).

It was no mistake.

Celina Aarons has her two brothers on her plan. They are deaf and cannot speak, so the easiest way for them to communicate is by texting. Normally, that's not a problem. Aarons has the appropriate data plan and her bill is about US$175 (NZ$219).

But her brothers spent two weeks in Canada and Aarons never changed to an international plan. Her brothers sent over 2000 texts and also downloaded videos, sometimes racking up US$2000 (NZ$2507) in data charges.

T-Mobile told Aarons the bill was correct. She called Miami TV station WSVN, which contacted T-Mobile. The station reports that T-Mobile cut Aarons' bill to US$2500 (NZ$3134) and gave her six months to pay.