Burger chain joins the dark side

06:10, Jan 05 2012
Darth Vador burger
THE DARK FORCE: French/Belgian burger chain Quick is offering Star Wars burgers.

French fast food burger chain Quick will offer a special treat to fans of the dark side of the Force.

For the 3D release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace they will have a Darth Vador (sic) burger, comprising a coal black bun, on the menu.

The ad is asking customers to pick their side of the Force, offering the black Darth Vador burger and a rather normal looking Jedi burger.

Reportedly the Sith burger bun is neither burned nor soaked in the darkness of tasty evil but just dyed.

Apart from being innovative in their bun choice, the brains behind the idea have proved to be rather old-school: The promoted movie doesn't feature Darth Vader - but tells the story of young Anakin Skywalker who only turns into Darth Vader two episodes of the saga on.