Noisy ukulele seized after complaint

They may be associated with the relaxing sounds of the Pacific but a ukulele clearly irked at least one Auckland neighbour, being among one of the 745 items seized by noise control in 2011.

Guitars were the only other musical instruments on the list which included Playstations, iPods, mobile phones and a projector.

In total 269 complaints ended in seizures last year.

Noise control officers called to an address where a complaint has been laid will serve a written direction to reduce the noise if council regulations have been breached.

Failure to obey the notice can result in noisy items being seized, or a fine of up to $10,000.

The most common item seized last year were speakers, subs and stereos.

Those wanting their goods returned have to cover the costs of call outs, storage and delivery - at least $250 on most occasions.

Noise control received a total of 51,697 complaints last year and issued 13,474 written directions for people to keep the noise down.

Noise makers are not told who complained.

The job doesn't come without its hazards. The council reports officers face verbal abuse and threatening behaviour every weekend and as a result only the most serious incidents are reported.

Nineteen incidents were reported in 2011.

The council would not reveal the worst noise offenders in Auckland because of privacy issues but said central suburbs received the most noise directions with 5328 issued over 2011.

Those in the south received 4219, west got 2053 and the north was the quietest area with 1874.

Noise control officers are forewarned about properties where there are known aggressive, threatening or abusive occupants, gang associates or aggressive dogs on site.

In order to be a considerate resident council recommends people inform neighbours in advance of parties or invite them along, and noise should be turned down around 10pm.

They also suggest burglar alarms cut off after 15 minutes and drivers ensure their car alarms are installed correctly and are not overly sensitive.

Items seized in 2011 by noise control:

  • 414 speakers/subs
  • 142 stereos
  • 47 computers/laptops
  • 25 amps
  • 33 DVD/CD players
  • 21 iPods/MP3 player
  • 27 turntables/mixers/amplifiers
  • 10 TV's
  • 10 Playstations/X-Box
  • Six car stereos/faceplates
  • Three mobile phones
  • Five guitars
  • One projector
  • One ukulele.

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