Aussie granny busted with pot plantation

03:13, Jun 01 2012

An Australian granny caught "red-handed" cultivating a hydroponic cannabis crop in her home has escaped prison time.

Sylvia Dawn Sherwood, 76, has appeared in the District Court of Western Australia after pleading guilty to two counts of cultivating cannabis with intent to sell and one of possessing cannabis with intent to sell.

She remained quiet, dressed in a knitted mauve jumper as Judge Henry Wisbey read her sentence.

When police raided Sherwood's Bindoon home, about 85 kilometres north-east of Perth, on September 22 last year they uncovered a sophisticated hydroponic set-up which was built by Sherwood.

In a "disarmingly frank" interview with police, Sherwood admitted she had been caught "red-handed" and had intended to sell the drugs because she was "financially fractured".

She told police: "Oh lord I was going to sell it".

"I can't smoke it all myself."

Police also noticed Sherwood appeared "proud" she had built the hydroponic set-up herself.

Judge Wisbey noticed Sherwood was a mother of six and carer for three grandchildren

She also cares for her mentally ill son and a sister with Parkinson's disease.

In sentencing Sherwood to a 12-month suspended jail term, Judge Wisbey noted the "kind and generous nanny" had previously been convicted for cultivating cannabis in 1991.

- WA Today