The Buxom Bandit's revealing robbery

23:52, Jul 02 2012
Buxom Bandit
POLICE CHASE: The 'Buxom Bandit' is wanted after robbing a petrol station.

Talk about making a real boob of things. She's been dubbed the Buxom Bandit and she couldn't have got things more wrong.

Gold Coast police are hunting a woman and man after a peculiar armed robbery at a petrol station in the suburb of Arundel yesterday.

Shortly after midnight a 4WD entered the Brisbane Rd business and parked at one of the pumps.

The man and woman got out of the vehicle, and the woman entered the store while the man put fuel into the vehicle.

She then went behind the counter and threatened the employee with a knife before running from the store with some cash.

However, she left a lot of clues - not only did she forget to hide her face, she also wore a revealing top and a glove to conceal her fingerprints... on the wrong hand. The world's media have since named her the Buxom Bandit.

The police hunt is underway.