Money from the sky hoax lures 100

01:46, Sep 21 2012
Money hoax
CASH SCAM: About 100 people were lured to Albert park this morning but the $10,00 cash drop was a hoax.

About 100 Aucklanders lured to Albert Park this morning with the promise of $10,000 dropping from the sky were sorely disappointed.

Hopping on the back of the Money is Good, Money is Bad advertising campaign, a Twitter profile was created to dupe Aucklanders into thinking cash would be dropped in the central city.

The advertising campaign has been the feature of billboards and television commercials.

The GoodMoneyBad tweeter drew punters in with mysterious comments this week about the positives and perils of money, and hints of a giveaway.

Around 100 people decoded clues and photos to find the location of the scam money drop at the top of Victoria St near Albert Park.

Students from nearby Auckland University made up the bulk of gullible punters, who waited at least half an hour from 9am.


Among them was Alex Carr, who missed the start of an important lecture as he prepared himself for medical school.

Another was architecture student Georgia Conway, who was not unhappy despite not being able to get her hands on any cash.

''I was hoping to start paying off my student loan.''

The Twitter profile said after the stunt: ''I'm just showing New Zealand how easy it is to claim a teaser campaign as your own.''

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