#CelebrityHouseHats is the most random game on the internet

Introducing: Flat Le Blanc

Introducing: Flat Le Blanc

It is possibly the most bizarre hashtag to grace the internet so far this year, but social media users seem to have succumbed to its spell.

A new game, called #CelebrityHouseHats is challenging people to photoshop houses, or house-like structures, above the heads of celebrities. 

But that's not all – the house in question must be a play on the celebrity's name.

Marie Condo. No clutter to see here folks.

Marie Condo. No clutter to see here folks.

This shouldn't be a thing, but it is nevertheless taking off.

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The hashtag seems to have surfaced on Thursday, when a user in Australia posted a picture of Aussie TV legend Bert Newton with a yurt on his head, captioning it "Yurt Newton".

The humble tweet took on a life of its own, and many bad MS Paint contributions later, we present you some of the favourites.

Now that you've been inducted into the game, prepare to lose what is left of your day and, should you choose to get involved, intellectual dignity.

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