Need help? Just call the police

Who do you call to help move your furniture or to find the nearest fish and chip shop? The police, of course.

Police receive hundreds of calls each day, and some are more bizarre than others. While some people call because there's an intruder in their house, or with a tip about a murder investigation, other requests are certainly more random.

Such was the case for police central communications centre this morning, which answered a call from an elderly lady requesting help to move her chest of drawers.

"She called us up this morning requesting help to move a chest of drawers. They had fallen on to the bed and she had a son who could help but he was currently busy," police central communications shift commander Marty Parker said.

"The informant said the chest of drawers had fallen over and clothes had come out and she didn't want anyone to see the mess."

Police politely told her that they would not be able to help and she should wait for her son.

Calls such as this were just part of the business, Parker said.

He's also fielded calls from people looking for the closest fish and chip shop or petrol station.