Name vanishes after provider switch

00:23, Jan 18 2013
MISSING NAME: Barry Sherwood’s contact details do not appear in the latest White Pages.

Barry Sherwood has lived at the same house and had the same phone number for the last 10 years.

But according to the latest edition of the White Pages, he does not exist.

Sherwood, of Waimate, switched from Telstra Clear to Kinect late last year, after nearly 10 years with the previous provider.

''I kept my same phone number, it was just the fact the other company offered me the better deal,'' he said.

''So imagine my surprise when I discovered the latest issue of the White Pages did not have my address or number. They didn't tell me that would happen.''

Sherwood contacted the Yellow Pages group, who advised him to contact his new provider, as TelstraClear appeared to have de-listed his number for ''security reasons''.


''They must have some deal going where they get to de-list people who change services. It's pretty confusing,'' he said. ''It's also frustrating; a couple of people have tried to look for my number to contact me and couldn't find it.''

Telstra Clear's spokesman Gary Bowering said people who switch away from its service had to contact the new provider to ensure the number remains in the Yellow or White Pages.

''If they switch from us, we advise the Yellow Group they're no longer with us, it's up to people to sort out with their new company. If people switch to TelstraClear, we always ask them if they want to be included in the book,'' he said.

Yellow Pages Group communications manager Katherine Cornish said it was a recurring problem.

''It's been happening slightly more often than usual recently. It's a matter of making sure you follow up with both providers, and make sure everything's sorted.''

Other issues reported by Herald readers on Facebook include mis-spelling of names, people's partners not being listed despite the request to do so and people being listed when they have asked not to be.

Fortunately Kinect has managed to get Sherwood's number listed on the online version of the White Pages, but he would have to wait another year until the next print issue resolves the issue of his missing name.

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