Look at what the cat dragged in

16:00, Feb 14 2013
Cat thief
CAT BURGLAR: Sheree Lines with her cat Skitz and some of the items he has dragged to her parents' house in Clyde during the past five months.

A Clyde cat's secret stealing sprees are over and his owner has come forward to try to return some of the items he has stolen. And it's a large haul.

Clyde resident Bob Lines said since he had been looking after his daughter's cat, Skitz, he would bring home anything he could drag in, from newspapers to dresses, to shoes and toys.

"The amount of items Skitz has collected is embarrassing. We didn't know what to do with it. It's knickers galore," he said.

However, teddy bears, dolls and anything "pretty" seemed to catch Skitz's eye the most.

"We have a least 15 brand-new teddy bears," Mr Lines said.

Daughter Sheree, who left Skitz with her parents in Clyde while she was in Christchurch for a short time, said the strangest thing he had ever brought home was a newspaper from the 1920s.


"I have absolutely no idea where he got it from," Miss Lines said.

A search of the internet found Skitz' stealing fetish was not uncommon, but there was also not much that could be done to stop it.

The only option was to have Skitz hypnotised, she said.

Earlier this week one of Skitz's victims contacted police with concerns that someone was breaking into her house and stealing clothes.

However, a few days later, she caught Skitz in the act.

After door-knocking in the neighbourhood, she found where Skitz lived and was reunited with her stolen property.

It was thought the culprit was an old and deaf cat but Mr Lines said as soon as he read an article in The Southland Times yesterday about a thieving cat, he knew it was Skitz.

Anyone who thought they might have been a victim of Skitz's raids was welcome to contact the family, he said.

The Southland Times