Road is perfectly sealed

23:27, Mar 20 2013
The elephant seal
TRAFFIC HAZARD: The elephant seal just wanted to see the sights.

A Brazilian beach-side town ground to a halt after a massive elephant seal decided to go for stroll.

According to the Daily Mail, the nearly four-metre long elephant seal held up traffic for more than an hour while it walked across the roads of Balneario Camboriu in the southern state of Santa Catarina.

Authorities cordoned off the areas around the seal, believed to be a bull weighing about half a tonne, and poured water over it to keep it cool in the blistering heat.

Experts said it was unusual for an elephant seal to venture far from the sea, as they spent most of their lives in the water. They only returned to the land to mate.

Elephant seals can spend up to two hours under water without needing to take a breath.

This one initially moved quickly across the road before slumping down in front of a waiting car.

The confused animal finally ambled back to the water after nearly 90 minutes in the sun.