World's biggest bunny weighs in

22:36, Apr 01 2013
Ralph the bunny
GIANT DIET: Cindy Winson holds up Ralph who costs a whooping $90 a week to feed.

The world's largest bunny has reclaimed his title, after downing an increased diet of vegetables to tip the scales at nearly 25 kilograms.

Ralph, a four-year-old Continental Giant rabbit from Sussex, has been named the world's largest bunny by Guinness World Records - a title which he also held in 2010 until a rabbit named Darius, of the same breed, outweighed him.

Ralph comes from a long line of record-holders.

According to the Daily Mail, Ralph's father Roberto and his mother Amy both held the records in their day, but they have since died.

Ralph's owner, Pauline Grant, said the big bunny was happy and healthy, but it was expensive to feed him.

"Ralph has matured now and is the heaviest he has ever been," she said.


"He is fine and healthy. The worst thing is that he is moulting at the moment so everyone is covered in rabbit hairs.

"His diet has not changed much over the years. I have been told by one or two vets that I should not give him all the food, but it does not seem to give him any harm. He is fit and healthy."

Grant said she spent about £50 (NZ$90) a week feeding him, and sometimes had to rely on donations at the Sussex Horse Rescue in Uckfield, where he lives.

Ralph chomps his way through a diet of cabbage, broccoli, corn on the cob, sweetcorn, half a cucumber, a carrot with a top, half a bag of watercress, two sweet apples, two slices of brown bread and Weetabix with cream crackers - every day.

"We have got a big place here and he can go anywhere he wants," she said.

"He has a fantastic life and is not just kept in a hut. His diet is incredible."

She said he was fully grown now, and would not get any bigger.