Drunk practises high-wire skills

00:55, Apr 04 2013
DARING: The man clings to the lines shortly before his fall.

A grumpy drunk dangled from power lines in a Chinese city before falling nine metres to a large inflated air bag.

The man was reportedly up in the cables in the inland city of Linfen for about 15 minutes and is shown dragging himself upside-down along a cable.

Electricity supplies were cut and a firefighter climbed a power pole to try and convince the man to come down.

The climber then falls from one layer of cables to a lower one, where he lies for a short while before appearing to intentionally let go and fall to the ground.

An inflatable air bag had been set up under the power lines, although the man is not shown actually falling on to it.

After his fall he is shown lying on the ground and talking.

He apparently told a reporter he had been in a bad mood and drank large amounts of alcohol before climbing a pole to the wires.

Medical staff reportedly said the man's only problem after the fall was the considerable amount of alcohol in his system.