Massive wasp nest could knock NZ out of records

21:41, Apr 12 2013
Wasp nest
QUITE THE BUZZ: This seven metre-long wasp nest was discovered in Spain.

A seven metre-long wasp nest, found in Spain, could see New Zealand lose its Guinness World record as home of the world's largest wasp nest.

The standing record was set in 1963, at a farm in Waimauku, near Auckland. 

According to Guinness World Records,  it measured 3.7m long, and was 1.75m in diameter and about 5.5m in circumference. 

But the Daily Mail has reported the discovery of one on the Spanish island of Tenerife, which left an empty house full of millions of the stinging insects. 

Experts believe that the nest was built by an African species of wasp which had migrated to Tenerife - some 100km away. 

Officials had blocked the house off, and were still figuring out how to measure and then get rid of it.

The New Zealand one was thought to be made by German wasps.

That nest was so heavy it fell off the tree it was hanging from and broke in two.

Nests are typically made of a paper-like pulp.

They are composed of wood-scrapings which the wasps chew with their saliva to create a papier-mache-like substance.