Strip club buys Topless Tce sign

20:43, May 23 2013
AMUSED RESIDENTS: Sam Bowler, Deborah Bowler and son James Bowler, 3, with the Topless Tce street sign.

Strip club Calendar Girls has grabbed Wellington City Council’s boob and left the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation richer for it. 

Earlier this month Wellington City Council accidentally printed a street sign reading "Topless Terrace" instead of the correct "Torless".

The Council realised the mistake, promptly taking it down and passing it on to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation (NZBCF) to auction.

The sign was put on TradeMe and was snagged by the strip club this morning for $920. 

“It couldn’t have gone to a better home!” Calendar Girls wrote on their Facebook page.

Adèle Gautier, communications manager for the NZBCF, said someone at the council came up with a “very generous idea to do some good and give it to us to auction”.


“They [the council] got into the spirit of this and decided to make the best out of it and we really appreciate it.

“It’s a great little bonus for us.”

Wellington City Council’s media adviser Richard MacLean said rather than throwing the sign on the junk pile, the council decided to put it to a good cause. 

“It gives most people a bit of a chuckle so there’s nothing wrong with trying to raise a bit of cash as well.”

The Thorndon street sign is no stranger to alterations with people occasionally changing the R into a P, MacLean said.

“It doesn’t normally take the council to do it itself though."

The "topless" incident was not the first signage mistake made by the council he said.

In 2008 Old Bullock Rd was printed as Old Bollock and auctioned off for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

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