Flee! It's the termite apocalypse

01:05, May 24 2013
The bugs filled the skies as they tried to find a mate.

Run! It's the termite apocalypse.

That's what residents of New Orleans must have been thinking when tens of thousands of swarming Formosan termites took over the city.

Stomach-churning pictures posted on social media show the bugs descending upon homes and cars, terrifying thousands of people.

Tens of thousands of swarming Formosan termites consumed the skies above New Orleans.

Scroll down for shocking video of the swarm

The termites filled the skies across the southern US on Wednesday after a later than usual outbreak, caused by cooler temperatures.

The termites are only are capable of flying short distances, hence the huge swarms.


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The bugs fly in search of a mate and if successful, drop to the ground to make a nest. Most never manage this, with their corpses littering ground for days after the mating season.

Formosan termites are not native to the US but snuck in from the Far East in packing crates during the Second World War.