Holy road cone, Flat Man

17:00, Jun 28 2013
ON A MISSION: Christchurch superhero Flat Man is planning more deeds of post-quake goodness while foiling evil-doers and saving the universe.

Delivering post-earthquake cheer to a munted city? This looks like a job for Flat Man.

For over 18 months, the anonymous red and black caped crusader has been generously buying and delivering food parcels to struggling families, quake-hit residents and impoverished students of the flattened city.

Flat Man and his sidekick, Quake Kid, have spun their motto ''Be a bruv, share the luv'' across the web, with donations and nominations for food parcels collected from throughout New Zealand via their Facebook page. Even his mum, Flat Mum, is in on the act.

In the trusty Flatmobile the dynamic duo have visited numerous nte public events, inspiring children and adults.

''Will you be my dad?'' asked one awestruck boy from Banks Avenue School during one of Flat Man's missions.

They have delivered food parcels - which always contain toilet paper - from Ilam to Aranui, spreading post-quake goodness.


Holy road cone Flat Man, watch out!

Not all is well in Munted City.

Batman battled the Joker, Superman tussled with Lex Luther and Flat Man has Facebook flame wars with E.V.I.L. - the Evil Iniquitous Villainous League, formed to balance the scale of good and evil ''so the universe won't implode''.

An E.V.I.L. spokesvillain said they had already unmasked Flat Man and eventually plan to ''take over the city with spoons''.

E.V.I.L. has even created a weapon - a Boutique Ray.

''The Boutique Ray is already in effect and has caused many shops based in the inner city to gradually become smaller and more expensive.''

For now, Flat Man battles E.V.I.L. alone while Quake Kid is fighting wickedness elsewhere, holed up in a Wellington lair after hearing Prime Minister John Key describe the nation's capital as a ''dying city''.

Flat Man is working with the Red Cross on their Address the Stress campaign, there's talk of a children's book and he is fundraising via givealittle.co.nz to get $10,000 to create winter packs for people in need.

With his cape blowing in the breeze, Flat Man vowed to continue to be a symbol of hope for long-suffering Canterbury residents.

''I believe in Christchurch city. This isn't about money,'' he said, scaling a pile of rubble in a single bound.

''It's about being a bruv and sharing the luv.''

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