Royal baby's NZ nursery

23:21, Jul 17 2013
Angela Thompson
BABY LOVE: Angela Thompson has a replica royal nursery in her Corogate Cafe in the lead-up to the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s child.

The Duchess of Cambridge and her royal child can be found sitting in the corner of a Thames-Coromandel cafe.

Kate is elegant as ever in her blue engagement gown, gazing adoringly at the baby on her lap in a replica royal nursery at the Corogate Cafe.

Surrounding them are other blue-blooded infants, a rocking horse, and cabinets of the monarchy memorabilia which fills the cafe on the highway to Waitakaruru.

Angela Thompson, who owns the cafe with husband Bill, said it took them five months to find those "treasures".

Everything had to be perfect, from the hat for young Prince Charles' nanny, to the pram he is in.

And Mrs Thompson doesn't regret one of the hours of work or thousands of dollars that went into the display. "You do when you have a passion, don't you?"

The royal family has always been part of Mrs Thompson's life, thanks to her English mother, "a true, true royalist".

So Mrs Thompson is eagerly awaiting the newest member of the royal family, and hopes for a girl who could be called Victoria, Charlotte, or Alexandra.

While they wait for news on the newest member of the royal family, the Thompsons are starting on their present: a folder of messages, CDs, and photos from visitors to the cafe they call the last outpost of the British Empire.


Waikato Times