Squatters invade family's home

02:14, Aug 02 2013
RUDE SURPRISE: The Woodards of Rhode Island, USA, returned home from vacation to find people had been living there.

In a stunt straight out of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, an American family came from holiday to find someone else was at home.

Rhode Island resident Tracy Woodard told WJAR-TV the family found wet towels and blankets strewn about the house, someone's underwear on the couch, and condom wrappers and marijuana left behind. She said whoever broke in als did a spot of baking.

The intruders took alcohol, cash and other valuables from the home and caused damage, including breaking some doors.

"The first thing I noticed was the stench. The house just stunk," Woodard told the station. "It smelled like a combination of mildew and bad food. Just flies everywhere. It was so disgusting."

Woodard said the unwanted guests had taped blankets over the home's glass doors so neighbours couldn't see in.

Police were investigating but no arrests were made.