Charlie the kleptomaniac kitty

16:00, Nov 25 2013
Klepto kitty
Charlie the cat has put her owner Susie Partington in a spot of bother after making off with her neighbour’s speedos.

Charlie the cat is a gentle soul. She basks in the sunshine with views overlooking Hamilton Lake during the day, and leaves the hunting to her sister, Gucci.

Charlie wouldn't hurt anything bigger than a fly, in fact she dishes out kisses whenever you ask. She's a modern day kitty princess.

But a startling series of events has led her owner, Susie Partington, to believe there might be a little more to Charlie than meets the eye. The 3-year-old moggy has developed a nasty habit.

It started the same way all bad habits do: small, insignificant. Charlie the cat brought home a sock.

She'd taken it from the flat clothes horse and  Partington thought it was a once off, a small token of appreciation for the love she dished out. But the mischief continued.

Now Partington stands embarrassed on her side of the fence wondering how she is to return her neighbour's speedos.


"I never see her go away, but then suddenly, there's undies in the hallway," Partington said.

She doesn't believe Charlie is a criminal mastermind.

And although the kleptomaniac kitty hasn't quite mastered the art of gift wrapping, Partington said she appreciated the gesture all the same.

"I'm going to have lots of presents by the time Christmas comes," she said. "Hopefully she finds the winning lotto ticket."

Charlie is not alone in her conquests. Many cats from around the world have made similar headlines.

In 2010, a mischievous moggy had Southampton police puzzled as he made his way around the southern English town pilfering panties, and earlier this year a cat owner in Clyde found herself with a loot of soft toys from her cat Skitz.

As of last night, the neighbours were unaware that Charlie had taken off with their swimmers, but if the freshly swiped cricket ball lying on Charlie's lawn is anything to go by, it might be time to take out contents insurance.

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