Sonny challenged to swimming race by kid

Sonny Bill Williams has been challenged to a swimming race by an unlikely contender - a child from Auckland.

Eight-year-old "Sammy B" calls out SBW in a YouTube video posted by Northern Arena, a swimming and fitness centre in Silverdale, Auckland.

He challenges the sporting star to a swimming race this Saturday at 2pm as part of Northern Arena's Race Day.

"Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke... I can't do butterfly yet, but maybe next year," he says.

"You choose the stroke bro, you choose which one. And maybe afterwards, we can have a juicebox."

While some would like to see SBW in speedos, Sammy's plan has a fatal flaw: Williams is currently in England awaiting the Kiwis World Cup final against Australia, so that juicebox might have to wait.

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