White House sets up turkey death match

19:44, Nov 26 2013
White House turkeys
HOT CHICKS: The two contenders chosen by the White House.

Terrified Americans, settle down. The White House is not pitting two turkeys in a Hunger Games death match.

The White House website has added a new feature where Americans are introduced to two turkeys, Caramel and Popcorn.

Visitors are encouraged to get to know the turkeys, learn their backgrounds and hear audio files of their distinctive gobbles.

Caramel is apparently a Lady Gaga fan, while Popcorn prefers Beyonce.

The winner will be decided by which turkey's story is shared most on social media.

Make your gobble heard: Help choose the National #Thanksgiving Turkey. 1. #TeamPopcorn 2. #TeamCaramel VOTE —> http://t.co/BX92dZPkMd

But Americans took to Twitter and Facebook to express their shock that the White House was apparently intending to slaughter the losing turkey.

The site read that "President Obama will pardon the National Thanksgiving Turkey, and once again the American people will decide which bird takes the title."

That led to some stunned responses online.


Is the White House letting social media users decide which turkey they don't kill? That's...that's weird. http://t.co/e2qOtsR047

Oh now they want the public's input? -> The @WhiteHouse wants you to choose #TheGobble winner: http://t.co/I3dyApMYpf pic.twitter.com/RLpbxHp9Py

The website was quickly corrected. It now reads "Both turkeys will be pardoned, but only the American people will decide which bird takes the prize."

There was no word from the White House on what prompted the change.