Beer pong video wins competition

05:03, Nov 29 2013
Pong pair
NEW YORK CALLING?: Jonny Fletcher and Harry Wright have taken the drinking game of beer pong to new heights - and could win them a trip to the US.

Win a drinking game and you usually stay relatively sober. Bastardise one and you win a trip to New York.

Wellington flatmates Harry Wright and Jonny Fletcher, both 22, this afternoon won an international ''trick shot'' video competition and will be off to New York as a result some time next year.

They filmed a compilation of their skills in the ''sport'' of beer-pong, which involves throwing a ping-pong ball into a paper cup from increasingly difficult distances.

Their video culminates in a miracle shot from the top of a seven-storey Wellington car park into a cup on the bottom floor.

It is an extension of a drinking game, rarely seen outside student flats.

But since they last week entered the competition on sports channel ESPN, called ''trick-shot your way to the NBA'', it has been viewed more than 335,000 times and gathered 2569 votes.


Voting closed this afternoon.

It's closest rival had 1383 votes.

The five leading videos went to a panel, which took virtually no time to chose the winner.

Winners get two  tickets to New York for a basketball game.

After taking the top slot in votes this afternoon - but before the judging panel had decided - Wright said while ''you can never count your chickens before they hatch'' they would both like to visit New York.

''Everyone I talk to says it's unbelievable.''

On winning, he said it was ''pretty surreal''. While there would be a few celebratory drinks at the flat tonight it would be relatively quiet as he has a cricket match tomorrow morning.

He came from a big cricketing family. 

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