World's fastest talker visits

The world's fastest talker, Fran Capo, is in Auckland.
The world's fastest talker, Fran Capo, is in Auckland.

She's the woman to avoid sitting next to at the Christmas party.

The world's fastest talking female, Fran Capo, is in Auckland to show off her motor-mouth.

With a fastest speed of a staggering 11 words per second, you could find yourself asking for this New Yorker to repeat herself.

"I was married twice. What a surprise," she said smiling.

"My boyfriend of 13 years - I think he's deaf. He doesn't say slow down anymore. He just every now and again says 'yeah, good'.

"That's all he has to say, agree to whatever I want to do, and we're fine."

She said he doesn't feel the need to talk because she uses up all the words.

Capo developed her fast tongue in primary school.

She would memorise answers to questions for class and soon realised she could spit the responses out faster than her classmates, she said.

Although it may turn off some men, fast talking has its benefits.

"I could talk my way out of speeding ticket."

Her son also jokes the telling-offs are dished out super fast, she said.

Capo holds the Guinness Book of World Records for her fast talking ability.

She has appeared in more than 450 television shows including Good Morning America, Larry King Live and Ripley's Believe it or Not.

"I never thought I would travel the world doing fast talking, but I love it."

She shows this enthusiasm by grabbing people on the street to talk their head off.

Capo also achieved four other world records, including the highest book signing (Kilimanjaro) and the deepest book signing (Titanic wreck site).

A keen adventurer, she has also bungee jumped, swam with sharks, flown combat aircraft, driven race cars, and chased tornadoes.

She plans to go Zorbing and blackwater rafting while in New Zealand.

2Degrees brought Capo to New Zealand to encourage people to talk more.

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