Baby crocs drop by for a swim

21:51, Jan 07 2014
baby crocs
WAITING FOR FREEDOM: The baby crocs being cared for by the centre staff, before being released back into the wild.

Just what you don't want to encounter when you dive bomb into the pool on a hot summer's day - crocodiles.

But that's swimmers at a public pool in Queensland found.

It appeared the group of baby freshwater crocodiles were stolen from their nest and thrown over the fence at the pool in an apparent prank.

A lap swimmer at the Mount Isa Aquatics pool alerted management when he saw something swimming near him at the weekend.

Pool director Brian Rodriquez said management then found five baby crocs in the pool, and another four around the facility.

Fortunately their parents were nowhere in sight.


If they were, then swimmers probably wouldn't have seen the funny side to the apparent prank.

''Everyone thought it was pretty funny actually,'' Rodriquez said.

''It would have been pretty funny for them to watch me trying to catch them ... some of them were pretty fast.''

The nine baby freshwater crocodiles were three to four weeks old and between 25cm and 30cm long.

They were released back into the wild.