The worst police sketch of all time

21:31, Jan 21 2014
Cartoon thief
FOR REAL: The police sketch of a man who two women in Texas say robbed them.

Two women in Texas have been mugged by a cartoon - if the police sketch is anything to go by.

The Lamar County Sheriff's Department released a composite sketch of a suspect after two women were robbed at knifepoint last week.

Commentators have been quick to describe the drawing as the worst police sketch of all time.

The victims described their attacker as having short black hair, a round face and a straight nose with no flare in the nostrils, eParisExtra reported.

The resulting drawing resembles a concerned muppet or the ruined fresco of Jesus.

It lacks eyebrows and lips, and has eyes that would rival those of a Japanese anime character.

Police said the sketch was "not a true depiction of the suspect, only a likeness".