NZ toddler a skateboarding marvel

05:27, Jan 29 2014

A skateboarding New Zealand baby has become a worldwide internet sensation despite some people raising concerns for his safety.

Two YouTube videos featuring 2-year-old Kahlei Stone-Kelly showing tremendous balance and skills have had more than 200,000 views and been featured on overseas media such as the Los Angeles Times and CNN.

Kahlei Peihopa Stone-Kelly, who appears to be his father, has uploaded many videos of his freewheeling toddler to Facebook, including ones where he is dressed in just a nappy, falls down many times and skates on an open, public road as cars pull out in front of him.

Most of the more recent videos were shot in Melbourne, Australia, but some, from about a year ago, were filmed in Auckland.

A lot of the comments about the videos marvelled at the young prodigy, but several commenters on YouTube were horrified.

One said: "I do not know if I should continue to watch the video or get [ready] to mourn."


Another said: "PLEASE PUT A HELMET ON HIS HEAD!! He is a baby, and all it takes is one bad fall."

The toddler is believed to have first hopped on a skateboard when aged 6 months.

On his Facebook page, Stone-Kelly said they had received media requests from around the world.

"So glad no1 but close freinds Noz our phone number got news agencies wana kum do sum paparattzy stuff on our baby I've put it All on hold for a bit while we gather our thoughts hope that's sweet with our new found friends n fanz," he wrote on Saturday.

Postings on the Facebook page also suggest the arrival of more media, cameras and footage as word of the little skateboarder makes the internet rounds.

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