Learn how to blow-dry your chook

18:53, Feb 26 2014

Timaru's first chook show in 128 years was so successful the Heartland Poultry Club is holding another - and this time they will provide lessons on how to blow-dry your chook.

The club will hold a special event at the Barton Rural School fair on March 16, while more than 800 poultry will be on display at the show at the Southern Trust Events Centre on May 10 and 11.

Club secretary Debbie Phipps said looking after chickens for such a show could become quite time-consuming.

"It's like any beauty show really - the judges are looking for the best-presented and best-bred chooks," she said.

"There is so much care you have to take with them - you have to blow-dry them, paint their wattles, and bathe them . . . it can be several hours of work."

The club was formed about two years ago, and last year's show was a first for the club. It was also understood to be the first event of its kind for the town since 1885.


"We saw a bit of an opportunity. We know Timaru people are interested in animals and poultry, and the response was just wonderful. We had thousands come through the door," Mrs Phipps said.

"Bringing this show back is our way of saying thank you."

Mrs Phipps and her husband, Stu, live in Ashburton. The couple own about 400 poultry.

"If I'm honest, it was more my husband's interest. Before I met him, poultry were just something that looked good on my plate," she said. "He changed all that, obviously."

Mrs Phipps said increased awareness of animal welfare made such shows an important educational event for the public. The club would host a special training session for chook fanciers as part of the show weekend.

"It's an opportunity to learn how to best look after your chooks," she said.

"Don't be afraid to ask for help. It's quite the job."

The Timaru Herald