This has to be one of Earth's ugliest animals

23:34, Feb 26 2014
Wolf eel
HIT WITH THE UGLY STICK: This wolf eel was last in line when the good lord was handing looks out.

Wolf eels are pretty ugly in general, but this one is the one that the rest of the wolf eels make fun of in school.

Don't study this photo by Chris Wilson while you're having your lunch - especially if it's fish and chips.

This guy looks like he's just swum through a concrete mixer.

IT'S AN UGLY WORLD OUT THERE: This blobfish was dubbed the world's ugliest animal last year.

Some of you will disagree. Some of you will say there are many, many other hideous creatures out there.

Just last year, a huge-headed, duck-footed mix of beagle, boxer and basset hound was the was the upset winner at the 25th annual World's Ugliest Dog Contes.

Also last year New Zealand's kakapo was dubbed a rubbish parrot. It was a nauseating blow for a bird already handicapped by being large, flightless, nocturnal and endangered.

In first place - by nearly a country mile - was the blobfish, which looks like a slimy, fat, bald, grumpy old man. It received 795 votes, and the kakapo 617. All up, 3000 votes on 12 creatures were lodged.

Watch out, blobfish. This wolf eel might just out-ugly you.

- Gizmodo