Pope Francis drops the f-bomb

Last updated 10:47 04/03/2014
Pope Francis

TO ERR IS HUMAN: Pope Francis made an unfortunate faux pas when he used the wrong word during prayers.

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The pope seems to enjoy a reputation for being a somewhat regular guy, but salty language might be taking the man of the people thing a bit far.

In fairness to Pope Francis, his use of the Italian word cazzo, which can be translated as f***, appears to have been a genuine mistake.

While urging a peaceful solution to the crisis in the Ukraine during his weekly blessing from the Vatican, the Argentinian had meant to say caso, which means example or case.

The similarity between the words is reportedly a trap for non-native speakers of Italian, and according to social media comments the mistake is commonly made by Spanish speakers.

One translated version of the sentence that tripped up the pope says: "In this f***, in this case the providence of God is made visible as a gesture of solidarity."

While Pope Francis maintained his composure and quickly corrected himself, the mix-up did not go unnoticed.

Within seconds, reportedly, it was posted on dozens of Italian media websites and YouTube.

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