Creme Egg burglar on a spree

01:53, Apr 08 2014

A smash-and-grab burglar has gone on a spree in rural Canterbury, taking scores of cigarette packets and creme eggs from shops and petrol stations. 

Police said there had been six break-ins in the past two weeks, all linked to a white Subaru vehicle.

The targets were rural petrol stations in Canterbury.

Supervalue in Leeston was hit for the second time in the early hours of Sunday. The culprit was disturbed during the heist, but police have been unable to find his car. 

Senior Sergeant Pete Stills said in each case the thief pulled up in his car, smashed his way through the front door, grabbed as many cigarette packets or related items as he could, then drove off. 

''He is not there long. Sometimes he is taking a whole display cabinet,'' Stills said. 


Springston Dairy staff member Melissa Guckert said the thief did not make it to their cigarette cabinet when he broke in on March 25, possibly due to their alarm. 

Instead, he grabbed cigars, cigarette papers and a basket of Cadbury Creme Eggs before fleeing. 

''It's the same guy. He's driving the same car, but with different plates," Guckert said.

"If there's a car going past with a whole lot of Cadbury Creme Eggs wrappers, you'll know it's him.''

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