Toddler found inside Bear Claw machine

HAPPY CAMPER: Kael Ireland, 3, plays in the Bear Claw.
HAPPY CAMPER: Kael Ireland, 3, plays in the Bear Claw.

Don't try to stop 3-year-old Kael Ireland from getting his stuffed toys.

Customers at Madsen's Bowling & Billiards in Lincoln, Nebraska, were stunned when they found the toddler inside a Bear Claw machine - the type immortalised in a famous scene from Toy Story

Bartender Rachelle Hildreth said she couldn't believe it when a customer alerted her a kid was inside the machine.

''There's like a 3-year-old child, playing with the stuffed animals, just throwing them around,'' she told local media. ''There must have be 25 people surrounding him but he didn't notice anybody he was just inside playing with the stuffed animals.

''He was just having a heyday.''

At about the same time, a mother who lives across the street had returned from the toilet, found her toddler and called police. Customers told the arriving officers about the kid in the Bear Claw machine.

A worker was able to let him out, although it's completely clear he wanted to leave.

"He was just having fun in there," Hildreth said. "I don't think he wanted to get out."

Exactly how he got inside the machine is a bit of a mystery. The slot for toys is about the size of mailbox opening.

Police say the mother won't be cited for neglect because she called police as soon as Kael went missing. He even got to keep one of the stuffed animals.