Scorpion tale stings MPI agents


Traveller says a scorpion was scuttling around airport arrivals lounge after inspector failed to find it.

Lamb-tastic arrival a biological anomaly

Two-headed lamb

From the deepest reaches of southern NZ, a biological anomaly has been born.

Inside the CIA's 'steathly Starbucks'


Even the baristas go through rigorous interviews and background checks at the Central Intelligence Agency's coffee shop.

Rolling pin going for $77 on TradeMe


A TradeMe user is cashing in on the iPhone #bendgate to raise money for charity.

Ape's baby days are over

siamang gibbon ape

A gynaecologist performed a sterilisation operation on an "unusual patient" - a 25-year-old ape.

An instrument of mystery

Upper Hutt resident Hayat Abadeeah was mystified by the surprise new addition at Trentham Memorial Park.

The baffling appearance - and sudden disappearance - of a candle-covered piano in an Upper Hutt park gets locals talking.

McDonald's expanding build-your-burger

McDonald's build-your-own- burger experiment, underway in California, could be coming to many more locations.

Goose hunter wrestles crocodile

Hunter fights off a crocodile by wrestling it and poking it in the eyes, then drinks beer to recover.

99 Luftballons with one red balloon

99 red balloons

Check out this amazing cover of the 1983 smash hit 99 Luftballons, using only one red balloon.

What's the grossest thing you've eaten?


Whether intentional, a dare, or a barf-making accident: tell us the grossest thing you've eaten.

Star S'Mores: Sesame Street meets Star Wars


There's been a number of Star Wars parodies - but perhaps none as delicious as this.

Pension available closer to home

 Men’s Event

Winz advises woman who visited Pacific Island for a week 30 years ago to claim pension there.

Venezuelans miss out on breast implants

Venezuela's chronic shortages have begun to encroach on a cultural cornerstone: the boob job.

'Fiddly' operation to remove goldfish tumour

George the goldfish gets to swim again after high-risk micro-surgery.

Man accused of feeding dog to ex

US police have arrested a man for allegedly stealing and cooking his ex-girlfriend's pet dog.

Gladys left 600k to animals

Alexandra Emery with Angelo

Almost 30 years after her death, the final wishes of an elegant and formidable animal lover will be realised.

Bear cub 'dances' with golf flag, steals ball

bear cub

Viral video shows the moment a group of Canadian golfers found an adorable baby bear on the 15th hole.

Photo shoot turns into woolly rescue mission

Skier saves stranded sheep

Pete Oswald

A snowballing sheep will become the stuff of legend for semi-professional skier Pete Oswald.

Seals come ashore at Omaha


Residents were surprised when a seal poked its head out from under a house, and went for a wander.

Japan battling invasion of American bullfrogs

frog strap

Exterminating alien species can have unpredictable, harmful effects on local ecosystems.

Why clever pandas fake pregnancies


Giant panda at research centre in China may have faked pregnancy to enjoy extra bamboo, air con.

Japan stockpiles toilet paper to avoid panic

Japanese told to stockpile loo roll so they aren't caught short during next natural disaster.

The Queen nearly missed out on hotel room

Queen Elizabeth

The Queen lay her royal head to rest in Hamilton on December 30, 1953 but, unbeknown to Her Majesty, it was not without help from the local locksmith.

Brazilian town desperate for men


A Brazilian town suffering from a serious man drought has made an appeal for eligible bachelors.

29-year-old virgin outed on social media


A 29-year-old virgin named Patrick has become an unwitting social media sensation.

Protecting cheese with DNA


Swiss cheesemakers' weapon against forgeries is housed at minus 80 degrees celsius in a Bern freezer.

US regulators: No copyright for monkey selfies

monkey selfie

Sorry monkeys - you can't copyright your photographs. Neither can vegetables or divine spirits.

Bigger fish eats shark in one bite


A viral video shows a Florida fisherman hooking a 1.2m black tip shark - only to have a bigger fish snap it up.

Woman turns her home into cat hospice

cat hospice strap

It's hard to fathom just how many slowly dying cats live in this woman's eight-room apartment.

Can your office beat our desk safari?

Stuff's desk safari

Our readers are taking up the challenge we laid down for best desk safari. Can you do better?

Spark customer's calls allegedly diverted to phone box


Man's home phone number may have been switched with public phone box after mix-up from Spark.

Do dogs get jealous?


Study suggests dogs get jealous when their humans interact with their 'rivals'.

Teen lives undetected at US store for two days


Teenager lived undetected at a 24-hour store for a couple of days after running away from his aunt's home.

Nazi symbol found in chicken sandwich

nazi bun

What a woman found inside her McDonald's chicken sandwich was enough to make her lose her appetite.

Monkey selfie at heart of photo rights spat

monkey selfie

A battle between man, media and monkey is being fought over a set of primate pics.

Surfing pig hangs in Hawaii

kama strap

There are already plenty of good reasons to visit Hawaii, but here's another one!

Driver finds unusual parking spot

crash merivale

A Christchurch driver found an unusual parking spot on top of a planter box in Merivale early this morning.

Meet Mr and Mrs Seamonster


Couple get creative down at the name changing office.

Flying axe lodges in dashboard

Hatchet pic

Secure your load or this could happen.

Inquiry into meerkat munchings

hamilton meerkats

Normally in shades of brown, the poo of these zoo meerkats took on a colourful hue.

So-called dog buried in grave is actually a horse

Doggone it - it was a horse


For decades a council believed a dog was buried in a human grave - only it was a horse.

Inventor unleashes huge fart at France

fart strap

An idiosyncratic British inventor has off a flatulent noise across the English channel.

Lounging lizard spices up curry

Chefs serve up a special take on the traditional chicken curry to workers on Fiji's Malolo island.

Russia loses control of lizard sex satellite

Lizards courtesy tom_adams / Flickr

Mission control has lost contact with a satellite full of geckos who may (or may not) be copulating.

LeBron James apologises with 800 cupcakes

LeBron James

NBA star sends community 800 cupcakes to apologise for a media circus.

Circumcision turns to amputation

Hospital corridor, generic

US man who went to hospital for a circumcision later woke to a total amputation, lawyer claims.

Giant toad sparks China censorship row

china toad

China's censors are in a flap after a huge blow-up toad sparked presidential jokes.

George Harrison tree killed by beetles

george harrison

George Harrison's memorial tree in Los Angeles' Griffith Park has been killed by bark beetles.

Orange isn't the new black

Orange is the New Black

Prison introduces old school inmate outfits after TV show makes standard issue "orange jumpsuit" iconic.

NZ Simpsons' fan sets tattoo record

Tattoos of Homer on Lee Weir's arm

Auckland Simpsons' fanatic Lee Weir gave up beer for a year to pay for his world record breaking 41 tattoos of Homer.
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