So-called dog buried in grave is actually a horse


For decades a council believed a dog was buried in a human grave - only it was a horse.

Inventor unleashes huge fart at France

fart strap

An idiosyncratic British inventor has off a flatulent noise across the English channel.

Lounging lizard spices up curry

Chefs serve up a special take on the traditional chicken curry to workers on Fiji's Malolo island.

Russia loses control of lizard sex satellite

Lizards courtesy tom_adams / Flickr

Mission control has lost contact with a satellite full of geckos who may (or may not) be copulating.

LeBron James apologises with 800 cupcakes

LeBron James

NBA star sends community 800 cupcakes to apologise for a media circus.

Circumcision turns to amputation

Hospital corridor, generic

US man who went to hospital for a circumcision later woke to a total amputation, lawyer claims.

Giant toad sparks China censorship row

china toad

China's censors are in a flap after a huge blow-up toad sparked presidential jokes.

George Harrison tree killed by beetles

george harrison

George Harrison's memorial tree in Los Angeles' Griffith Park has been killed by bark beetles.

Orange isn't the new black

Orange is the New Black

Prison introduces old school inmate outfits after TV show makes standard issue "orange jumpsuit" iconic.

What's the grossest thing you've eaten?


Whether it was intentional, as a dare or a barf-making accident, tell us about the grossest thing you've eaten.

NZ Simpsons' fan sets tattoo record

Tattoos of Homer on Lee Weir's arm

Auckland Simpsons' fanatic Lee Weir gave up beer for a year to pay for his world record breaking 41 tattoos of Homer.

Cargo bikes move entire flat

bike shift strap

The group moved everything across Wellington - a double bed, a desk, drawers and chairs.

Dog rescued from tree by cherry picker

Archie the dog

It took the scent of a possum to get Archie 30-metres up a tree. It took a cherry picker to get the dog down.

Man uses blowtorch on spider, burns house


He was trying to kill a spider, but ended up with out of control flames.

94-year-old wins new car he can't drive

Man, 94, wins new car after 20 years of buying raffles. Problem is, he's too old to drive it.

Man, 94, wins new car after 20 years of buying raffles. Problem is, he's past driving it.

Flaming object spotted in Auckland sky

Night sky, stars

A strange object has been spotted in the sky over north Auckland.

Missing bras still AWOL

bra fence

Cardrona Valley's famous fence is lacking support as the fate of its missing bras goes unsolved.

Man claims kingdom so his girl can be a princess

Jeremiah Heaton

An American father has claimed a kingdom in Africa so his daughter can be a princess.

Singaporean gambling ad campaign ridiculed

Singapore gambling ad during World Cup

Singapore anti-gambling advert featuring forlorn child ridiculed after Germany wins World Cup.

Lizard found in baby formula

baby formula lizard

A rotting smell and a gecko tail sticking up was not what one mother expected to encounter in a new tin of formula.

Threatened chicken delays Texas spaceflight plan


The mating habits of a threatened species of chicken have postponed a this US city's plans for spaceflight.

Pilot orders pizza for hangry passengers

Frontier Airlines

Faced with potentially hungry - and grumpy - passengers, a pilot treated them to pizza when storms delayed a flight.

Massacre threat blamed on auto-correct

Man claims wasn't he wasn't threatening a massacre at a US army base - his phone just autocorrected his message.

Love blossoms at hotdog contest

Joey Chestnut

High-ranking chowhound Joey "Jaws" Chestnut dropped to one knee and proposed to his girlfriend, then ate 61 hotdogs.

Politician gets ridiculously emotional

Emotional politician

A politician faces questions over spending. So far, so dull. Add hysterical emotion - gold.

Whale scream: Animal lover freaks out

humback whale

Julie Rossman likes whales. No, she reaaallllly likes whales. She's a fool in love with whales.

Rufus, Wimbledon's pigeon poo policehawk


Charged with protecting Wimbledon players, royals and fans, Rufus has the early morning beat.

Science deals a blow to Bigfoot fans


DNA testing is taking a bite out of the Bigfoot legend.

Bear has a biscuit ordeal


Bear cub gets head stuck in a cookie jar then has to be rescued from a tree.

Hold on to your brooms! Quidditch drops Potter


Never before has so much been riding on a broomstick. But in the fast-paced, real-life world of quidditch don't expect to see capes or any Harry Potters.

Vendor shoots woman at gun show


A vendor has accidentally shot a woman in the leg while demonstrating a gun and holster at a US gun show.

Student gets stuck in giant stone vagina

stone vagina strpa

A funny dare turns into an utter embarrassment for an American exchange student.

Classical concertgoers turn on crowd-surfer

Bristol Old Vic

Classical concert was so exciting for one scientist he attempted to crowd-surf and was ejected.

Pig the dog isn't your regular canine

Pig the dog

It's impossible not to stare at Kim Dillenbeck's dog Pig.

Spider-Man on trial for Times Square spat


The episode isn't among Spider-Man's biggest hits: the superhero v mum.

Dog on log's identity uncovered

Dog on a log

The castaway canine rescued from a floating log by the Navy revealed as semi-retired pig-hunting dog Tiny.

Dog on a log rescued

Dog on a log

A castaway canine has been rescued by the Navy after being swept away on a log in the Hauraki Gulf.

Friday Funny: Friday the 13th

Friday Funny

Best way to lighten up Black Friday? Watch others take on ladders and black cats, and lose.

Millions of swamp spiders spin mega web

Hikurangi swamp spiders

Millions of spiders emerge from a Northland swamp, shrouding the land in an eerie web.

The moose: it's not a pet


Forget the puppy Santa, this cloven-hoofed Alaskan wonder is all the rage for family pets.

Bumblebee takes out spider, rescues buddy


Watch as a bumblebee takes out a spider and rescues its buddy.

Rampant Randy a dad to 400

Randy the guinea pig

Guinea pig creates havoc at an animal park in England after getting 100 female friends pregnant.

Zoo drill backfires, gorilla man tranquillised


A zoo keeper dressed in a gorilla suit was so convincing he was mistaken for the real thing.

Scots not laughing at UK Lego campaign


Not all Scots are amused as Britain opens a new front in campaign against independence.

Want to learn Dothraki?

daenerys targaryen

Vasterat Dothraki? No? Neither do we. Online language lab offers classes in the fictional language.

Growl from Ipanema lures Purina

Happy dog

Brazilian dogs are different from other canines, Purina says, and it's spent two years designing food to prove it.

Councillors get in behind after panic over carcass

Sheep carcass

A gallery director's efforts to get councillors to support a photo of a sheep carcass left them squirming.

ATM trip turns into large deposit

nissan pulsar

Elderly driver was popping out for cash for a hair appointment. Despite this effort, she didn't miss it.

Are you a suppository of information?


English is tricky; we're all guilty of a little mispronunciation, but here are 10 phrases that'll make you sound like an idiot.

World's first BASE jumping dog

BASE jump dog

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No. It's a dog. In a wingsuit.
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