Firefighting, China-style


A daring fireman in China has taken his job to a new level, perhaps unnecessarily.

Toddler found inside Bear Claw machine

bear claw

Customers stunned when they find missing 3-year-old "having a heyday" in a Bear Claw game.

Kim's bad hair day

kim strap

Kim Jong Un's "bad hair day" riles North Korean officials.

Lada v tank: Lada wins

Lada v tank

Pro-Russian separatists are using any means necessary to fight Ukrainian forces - including a yellow Lada.

Ohio bully's public shaming

bully small

Man forced to wear sign calling him a bully for mistreating his neighbours.

Kiwi fridges invade Aussie shores


Clean-up operation needed after Kiwi fridges wash up on Australian beach.

'Women who eat on tubes' fight back

Women Who Eat on Tubes

"Women Who Eat on Tubes" has created public outrage in London.

College adopts nut-hiding machine as mascot


A US college adopts a mean-looking albino squirrel as its athletic mascot.

Wal-Mart toe sucker jailed


A man who sucked an unwilling woman's toes inside a Wal-Mart has been sentenced to 60 days in jail.

Trouble brewing over Hitler tea cups


German furniture store chain inadvertently orders 5000 cups bearing a portrait of Hitler.

Video shows New Yorkers aren't so tough

rat strap

New Yorkers let out horrified squeals after a furry brown rodent was seen taking subway.

Slater's 'sharkbomb' shut down by dolphins

shark strap

Just what was that large, long silver shadow that appeared as Kelly Slater surfed in Australia.

Woman calls police about marijuana quality


Texas woman arrested after she calls to complain about substandard marijuana.

Car hits horse and is a writeoff

Vaughn Bennet’s car looks the worse for wear after hitting a horse that was running loose in Brougham St

Driver who crashed into a horse wants the animal's owner held responsible.

Pregnancy prank goes viral


Professor who made his students answer cell phones on speakerphone learns to regret it.

Creme Egg burglar on a spree


A smash-and-grab burglar has gone on a cigarette and Creme Egg-stealing spree in Canterbury.

Sheep and goat cross produces a 'Geep'


An Irish farmer has inadvertently bred a geep - a cross between a goat and a sheep.

Unearthing millions of 1980s video game cartridges


Searchers will attempt to unearth millions of unwanted "E.T." video game cartridges.

Tetris in the sky: Gamers play on high rise

Hundreds of Tetris fans to gather in Philadelphia for a skyscraper-sized version of the classic video game.

George W Bush's brush portrays world leaders

 The Art of Leadership: A President's Personal Diplomacy

Former US President George W Bush reveals a series of portraits of world leaders he painted.

Russia tells US to relax

Crimea, Ukraine

Russia has some advice for the US. Stop worrying about the Ukraine, do yoga instead.

When animals attack sporting events

When animals attack sporting events

The visit of a snake to the NRL this week brought back memories aplenty of animals interfering at sporting events.

Nobody can move a house like the Amish

House on the move

A group of 80 Amish men have moved house, by lifting it by hand and walking it to a new spot.

Mystery at the asylum

Asylum Paintball owners

Ghostly figures in photos and random slamming doors have spooked staff at an Auckland paintball site.

Man gives porcupine a C-section, saves baby

porcupine strap

He was looking for a bezoar when he cut open the dead porcupine - but found something far more incredible.

Firefighter rescues python from blaze

Python fire

When Scott Hemmelsbach was told to rescue Chocolate Chip from a house fire, the last thing he expected was a snake.

Teen gets McDonald's receipt tattoo

maccas tattoo

Teen has a permanent reminder of his last trip to Maccas, after getting his receipt tattooed on his arm.

Thrill ride not everyone's cup of tea

Funpark ride US

A six-second free fall at 100 kmh while facing the ground isn't everyone's idea of fun.

Burger King Baby finds birth mother

Katheryn Deprill

Woman abandoned in a Burger King bathroom as a newborn gets the hug she waited a lifetime for.

New York gets cupcake ATM

Cupcake ATM

Machine can hold 760 cupcakes at a time, which cost US$4 a pop.

Man 'drunk in charge' of motorised chilly bin

Chilly bin

Australian man caught riding a motorised chilly bin was well over the alcohol limit, police say.

Jumping spider alarms itself


A small Australian spider acts so strangely in front of the camera it's dubbed the 'surprised spider'.

Run with the bulls...in Sydney?


Water buffalo escape Australian film set and go on rampage, chasing cars and pedestrians.

Strict summit rules rile, including spinach ban

kite generic

Security's tight for a world nuclear summit in the Hague, and you better leave your kites and greens at home.

Finnish gibberish talker finds fame

A Finnish supermarket cashier with millions of fans of her language imitation YouTube video is heading for America.

How to Poo on a Date takes oddest title title

 How to Poo on a Date: The Lovers' Guide to Toilet Etiquette

A guide to coping with an awkward romantic moment has been awarded a prize for the year's oddest book title.

Cocaine posted to Vatican

Vatican City

The drug haul was unremarkable, but the destination raised eyebrows.

Farmer to sail half-tonne pumpkin

Farmer Tim Harris on his pumpkin which he plans to sail in tomorrow.

Farmer Tim Harris wants this enormous vegetable to launch a new Kiwi craze: pumpkin boat racing.

Angry cat to get therapy

 Cat goes on rampage

Furious feline that trapped family in bedroom to get professional help, of the Cat Whisperer kind.

Armed police swoop on gun tattoo

US police

Armed police swoop after reports of a gun-wielding man, but all isn't as it seems.

Scrap dealer finds Faberge egg

Faberge egg

Gold ornament bought by a scrap-metal dealer turns out to be rare antique worth millions.

Strippers take on robber

Arrest, arrested, handcuffs

It could have been from a movie: thief tackled after showdown with male strippers.

Gun that shot Pope Jean Paul II on display

jean-paul II

Flight 488 lands in Poland with special cargo on board: the gun used to shoot Pope John Paul II.

Man who lived after being declared dead dies


A 78-year-old Mississippi man has died two weeks after he woke up in a body bag.

Cat rampages, family flee, 911 called

 Cat goes on rampage

A rampaging, house cat with a "history of violence" traps US family and their dog in a bedroom.

Hangman quits after seeing gallows


Sri Lanka needs a new hangman after their one got upset on seeing the gallows.

Honeymoon fight forces emergency landing


Plane forced to make emergency landing after drunken groom starts fighting with wife.

Woman's auto-payments hid her death for years

Pontiac home

The body of a US woman whom neighbours say they last saw years ago has been found in her car.

Blind man survives train running over him

Baby stroller rolls on to train tracks

Authorities in Los Angeles say it's ''miraculous'' a blind man escaped unhurt after falling on train tracks.

New view of 'stimulus package'

Timothy Taylor

American economist gives "stimulus package" a whole new meaning and finds fame as an unlikely porn star.
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