Outraged by police 'stop and kiss' programme

00:56, Dec 06 2013

It sounds diabolical: A "stop and kiss" program that allows New York City police officers to kiss anyone they deem suspicious.

Evan Vincent, who is black, believes he's been targeted because of his race.

"It's something you have to live with at this point. Everytime I go out and I see a cop, I'm ready for him to come up, ask me questions, and give me a little kiss. Just because, y'know, of the color of my skin."

"I mean, you don't see them kissing any pretty white ladies out here."

"They going through my pockets, throwing my stuff on the ground, kissing me on my neck and face," says an outraged Cory Clark. "They push me up on the wall and start nibbling on my ear.

"It's humiliating!"

It's also a satire - a video by The Onion mocking New York's controversial "stop and frisk" program that has seen NYPD police officers pat down hundreds of thousands of pedestrians, mostly African-Americans and Latinos.

But as these tweets show, not everyone got the joke.


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