Workers chill as man falls through roof

00:07, Jan 21 2014

Mind if I play through?

Hilarious video has gone viral of a man falling through a golf shop ceiling - and no one even flinching.

Ryan Veltkamp was in a Tennessee golf shop's attic searching for wires when he "took a misstep" and fell through the ceiling, reported.

''Hey Ryan,'' says a man behind the counter nonchalantly, as if men crash through ceilings all the time in Tennessee.

''Hey Billy,'' Veltkamp replies. ''That hurt.''

Billy tells Veltkamp not to move a muscle - and then returns to snap a photo.

A customer shows up and asks, ''Why is there a hole in the ceiling?''

Veltkamp was ''completely unharmed'' in the December 30, 2013, crash at the Baneberry Golf and Resort, and was able to see the funny side of it, eventually, the website said.


Fairfax Media