Switching clothes for a good cause

Zach Renshaw, 8, and Sebastian Lambert, 11, with newly painted nails.

Sebastian Lambert's mum always wanted another girl and on Friday she got one for a day.

'Galactic' fence for sale

After getting sick of rubberneckers, Bob Laloli is selling the 'galactic' and 'gluten free' fence at his Kapiti home.

The unusual "fence" has been described as gluten free and a "casserole of special and galactic ideas'' on Trade Me.

TV station accidentally airs porn

The explicit material ran from between 1.10pm to 1.30pm.

A religious channel in Senegal has slammed an unidentified saboteur for hacking the network to air explicit material.

GPS to stop fake Everest claims

Where's the proof? Climbers will be fitted with trackers and must take photos from the top to prevent false summit claims.

Climbers will be fitted with trackers and must take photos from the top to prevent false summit claims.

Want to smell like kitten fur?

Would you want to smell like a cat?

There is a huge leap between wanting to breathe in that warm scent of your cuddly little kitten - and wanting to smell like a cat.

Hacking through history video

A gutted Vince Osborne hacks back the hedge planted by his grandfather in the 1930s.

Owner slashes corridor through hotly-debated hedge but 'granddad would be rolling in his grave'.

Drug weight botch-up

A mock-up showing the approximate difference between 30 and 1.5 grams of rock salt.

A low-level drug dealer with 1.5g of meth was charged as an industry kingpin after cops' 30g misjudgment.

Giant 'Shaka' inspires no worries

The wooden hand stands at about six foot, three inches and weighs about one tonne.

"I've got a big old Stihl with a 36" bar on it, she's solid as," says an Oakura chainsaw artist.

SUV rises above the traffic video

Is this a great way to deal with our traffic woes?

This elevating car can drive over traffic.

Do you have $66,666 to burn?

Blackmore's obsession with 666 dates back 30 years

A Wellington man with a soft spot for the Devil's number is selling his entire satanic collection.

Photo lands police minister in hot water

Troy Grant says his car was turned off and the phone was in a hands free device when he took the snap.

Australian politician Troy Grant is feeling a little sheepish after admitting he was behind the wheel when he took a snap of a ewe.

The hubcap kingpin video

Farrell said he liked seeing smiles on people's faces when they come in.

It started with a couple but it 'grew and grew', says an Auckland hubcap collector.

Snap! Ed Sheeran's lookalike video

Here's a British tot who looks "more like Ed Sheeran than Ed Sheeran" himself.

Here's a British tot who looks "more like Ed Sheeran than Ed Sheeran".

Face scan to use public toilets video

China wants to wipe out toilet paper bandits by conducting scans before giving out 60cm of loo roll.

China wants to wipe out toilet paper bandits by conducting scans before giving out 60cm of loo roll.

Frozen hair: the coolest new look? video

2nd place winner Manuel Sidler.

We've seen some crazy hairstyles in our time, but this trend takes the cake.

'The Earth is flat' - Shaq video

NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal believes the Earth is flat.

NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal joins other basketball stars in the belief the earth is flat.

Vet students bare all for calendar video

From left, Finn Maloney, Ruth Walker, Helena Johns, Daniel Guirguis and Olivia  Williams.

Getting their gear off is earning Massey vet students international exposure.

Trampoline on the move video

If you saw a moving trampoline along Auckland's northern motorway on Sunday, you're not alone.

If you saw a moving trampoline along Auckland's northern motorway, you're not alone.

The bookshop with no name video

Wainuiomata bookshop owner Edwin MacKay has collected books for 30 years.

He has more than 40,000 books, runs at a loss and can't read any more. So, how does Edwin MacKay keep his shop open?

NZ's fastest Rubik's cubers video

New Zealand's best Rubik's cubers battled for the right to be the fastest in the country at the Speedcubing NZ Southern ...

For many, Rubik's cubes are impossible. For others, they are done in seconds.

Snake slithers from car vent

The snake emerged from an air vent as Monica Dorsett drove down a highway.

Something more than air came slithering out of a vent as Monica Dorsett drove down a highway, almost causing disaster.

Zoo sues over 'erotic' raccoon video

Thomas the raccoon in the video clip that's sparked the bizarre legal dispute.

The zoo says its raccoon returned "traumatised" and "attracted to women's breasts" after being hired out to a video studio.

Goldfish's floating 'wheelchair'

The goldfish in its new floating "wheelchair".

When an aquarium worker encountered a fish permanently stuck at the bottom of its tank, he got creative.

Fancy some lab-grown chicken? video

It looks like chicken and tastes like chicken because it is chicken - sort of.

Coming soon(ish) to a supermarket near you - test-tube chicken meat.

'Batman's' jet-fuelled gadget video

Paul Jury and his "hooligan mates" have attached a mini jet engine to a push bike.

It's a push bike, but it's got the roar of a jet plane.

A 'sweet relief' for cold sores

Waitara Pharmacy owner Margaret Helms is helping hand out medical grade Kanuka honey as part of a national clinical trial.

It turns out your mum knew what she was doing when she mixed disprin with your honey.

Lazy seal hitches ride video

A lazy seal hitches a ride on the bow of a ship heading up the Yarra River in Melbourne, Australia.

There's lazy. There's super-lazy. Then there's this seal in Melbourne.

Quidditch players battle for Cup video

Instead of flying through the air on magical broomsticks, these competitors run around the pitch holding on tightly to ...

It was "organised chaos" as 32 teams waddled around on poles in the British Quidditch Cup.

Sean Spicer's wardrobe fail

Something was afoot with Sean Spicer's outfit on a Monday press briefing.

We all hate getting dressed for work on Monday, but it seems Sean Spicer didn't even want to try.

More rain than Cyclone Bola

Chan with his cylinder for measuring rain, and his thermometer screen.

Every day Albert Chan, 70, monitors the weather in north Henderson. At the weekend he took some exceptional readings.

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