Smile, you're on 'SpudCam'

Colin's 'SpudCam' is just one of many DIY pinhole cameras he has made over the years.

Cheaper than a new digital camera, this invention is also totally organic.

Vengeful mum staged bomb hoax

Finchley United Synagogue where the alleged bomb was planted.

She thought her daughter hadn't been invited to a birthday party. So she set out for revenge.

Beer barrel killer may go free

The woman whose body was found after 24 years in a beer barrel has been identified only as "Franziska S".

A German man killed his wife and welded her inside a beer barrel, where her body remained for 24 years.

One-woman peanut butter protest

"Fortunately it wasn't chunky peanut butter, so vehicles didn't get scratched," said Police Chief Deputy Dan Kontos.

She thought the meeting was a Trump rally, so she smeared people's cars - "fortunately it wasn’t chunky peanut butter."

iOS writes NZ scientist's paper

Your iPhone is now equipped to write a full scientific paper on nuclear and atomic physics.

The fact a NZ researcher knew nothing about atomic physics didn't stop him writing a paper on the topic.

Woody's pretty superficial Society

Jesse Eisenberg might be the Woody clone, but Kristen Stewart is the scene-stealer in  Cafe Society

REVIEW: Cafe Society falls somewhere in the middle of the pack of Woody Allen's recent output

Baby Jesus' new look video

The temporary head on the Jesus statue.

Vandals knocked the head off the statue of the infant Jesus. So a local artist had a go at giving him a new one.

Things that annoy us the most

Parking too close? Yep, annoying.

What really gets on your nerves? Drivers, flatmates, supermarket slobs ... take your pic of the offenders.

A cafe at the dump?

Concept B focuses on a better flow of materials being dropped off and processed through to the retail areas of the site.

One council wants to create a great shopping, cafe, outdoor and educational experience at its dump. 

Belief, no proof: The election web fakes video

There's been a lot of fake stories doing the rounds during this presidential election race.

"Forget the press, read the internet," Donald Trump told supporters at a rally. Here's why you definitely shouldn't.

Welcoming back the Wests

Cast and crew are ready to start filming for Westside season three. Todd Emerson, front left. Antonia Prebble, David de ...

He's suave, he's smooth and he's back. Todd Emerson is returning on our screens as Bilkey on Westside.

Selfies on stolen phone

The selfies on the stolen mobile phone's camera ended up in the owner's cloud account.

Could these two be the worst crooks of the year? Pictures taken on stolen phone ended up on the owner's cloud account.

Stolen sex symbol - Marilyn goes walkabout gallery

A much-loved statue of late American film actress Marilyn Monroe has been stolen from a Farm Cove home in East Auckland.

An iconic East Auckland mascot, a six-foot tall statue of Marilyn Monroe, has gone missing and the owners are gutted.

Pumpkin carvings get political video

Jacqueline Vandelaar (C) and Julie Botteri (R) wrap a pumpkin with a Donald Trump mask while Jana Vandelaar completes an ...

Just when you thought the US election couldn't get any weirder. Meet the pumpkin versions of the presidential candidates.

Surf rage rife yet rarely physical

Bad surfing etiquette: always give way to the surfer closest to the peak of the wave.

"Locals perhaps feel they have more of a right to the wave if they live in a place."

One giant leap for a superlamb

It's spring, there are lambs in the paddocks, but this is not your average spring lamb picture.

Lambs are a pretty bouncy lot and, as this shot shows, sometimes their jumps are close to flawless.

Novel approach to daily commute

Short story vending machines will be rolled out across French railway stations.

Short-story vending machines a hit in France - could they come to Wellington?

Towels from above video

Paper flutters on to Boulcott St from Victoria University's Katharine Jermyn Hall.

Paper towels fluttered down on Wellington - and landed some Victoria University students in hot water.

A bone to pick in Kapiti

Katie Sampson with a horse skull, on the left, and a pig skull on the right. Her skull paintings usually take between ...

An artist finds animal bones around Kapiti and uses them in her work, which is on display in a new exhibition.

It's a beach hut explosion video

The copycat huts were of various sizes but didn't come close to the size of Fort Awesome.

It all started with Fort Awesome. And now New Plymouth appears to be in the grip of a hut-building frenzy.

Animal cafes go even wilder video

A customer holds a snake as she poses for a photo at the Tokyo Snake Center.

Cat cafes may be cute, but the concept's moved on in Japan. Welcome to the snake cafe.

Police dance for the community

Heber Gasu and Mandeep Kaur of Henderson Police Station doing bhnagra

It's not everyday that you see a Samaon police officer dance to Indian folk music.

Creature video emerges - but is it a hoax?

The footage was apparently shot in lush Indonesian jungle.

Footage of large creature walking through Indonesian jungle has some Bigfoot hunters excited - but others not convinced.

How do you move a mountain?

Giving Finland the Halti mountain summit, would have made it the country's highest point at about 1,330 metres.

Finland wanted a mountain peak as a 100th anniversary present. Norway's said no.

Hot dog! Dachshunds take to track video

A tiny dog takes to the mark ahead of the wiener dog derby.

"Everyone else thinks I'm mental," organiser of NZ's first wiener dog derby says.

Beagle notes could fetch $50,000

International stamp collection.

Note from marine aboard Charles Darwin's famous journey to his parents to go under the hammer.

Burglar leaves ID behind

Kumeu Sergeant David Orr says tobacco products are being targeted by thieves.

Police given just what they needed after birth certificate and bank statements left in bag.

CuriousCity: Inside the National Library video

This book is the oldest in the library's collection, written in the middle of the 12th century. It was donated to the ...

Its book collection would stretch for 61km if laid out end to end. And there's much more.

Car roll traps man video

Firefighters work to free the man.

Firefighters have freed a man trapped under a car after it rolled in a driveway.

Lamb's day out with the police

Constable Matt Davis giving 'local laaad' Mr Bean a lift home after he strayed too far from the pen on Wednesday.

One little pet lamb's big day out ended in a ride home in a patrol car.

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