That's one long sickie

The man, who was ordered to pay €27,000 in compensation, blamed his manager for not ensuring he showed up.

Employee fails to show up for work, company notices his absence six years later.

Bridge jump: Brave or stupid? video

The video footage shows the whole process of the death-defying leap.

WARNING: Don't watch this if you have a fear of heights.

Two-headed snake is one of a kind

An academic said the double-headed snake would need extra care.

A snake breeder in Australia did a double take after one of his eggs hatched.

Cursed ring claims first victim

The ring had a curse placed on it after Gertrude Christina Nohl and Martin Johann Wagner were married in 1906.

The ring hexed with a 100-year-old curse has claimed its first victim: the guy who allegedly stole it.

Stuffed animals that travel

Sock monkey

Too busy to enjoy a holiday? Never mind, you can send your stuffed animal instead.

Four-seated cycle

From left: Bill Blakie, Sharryn McCormack, Lisa Pavreal and Verne Pavreal on the four-seated cycle Blakie built in Invercargill.

A four-seated cycle turned heads on Thursday in Invercargill.

Police seize t-shirt launcher video

The Townsville Crocodiles mascot fires a T-shirt in to the crowd at a home game.

Australian basketball team forced to surrender homemade t-shirt cannon to police, after it was deemed a category B weapon.

What the cabbie sees video

New Plymouth's Energy City Cabs operations manager Josh Reeves says the company is set to start filming their second season of Through the Eyes of a Cabbie.

Ever wanted to know what taxi drivers have to put up with? Well, this firm has you sorted.

Cool runnings for seven

Seven-seat bobsleigh pays tribute to seven-seat X-Trail. The car's the one on the right, by the way.

Nissan markets X-Trail crossover by creating a seven-seat bobsleigh. Nobody's sure why.

This is the face of the sea thing

The face of the mystery creature.

Intriguing remains of a sea creature found bobbing in surf have been identified.

Station cat gets promotion

Safety is a priority for Felix, who has her own hi-visibility vest.

Not only does this cat have a job, she just got promoted.

Cheese blocks Australian highway

The cheese truck rollover closed the Princes Highway for 12 hours.

A truck carrying 20 tonnes of cheese has crashed, cutting off a section of a major Australian road.

Opened cheeseburger up for sale

The cheeseburger that was posted on Facebook for $3.

Online sale for a cheeseburger started as cheesy joke.

Underwater restaurant driven through New Plymouth

The multi-million dollar underwater restaurant which will be shipped to the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.

A 450 tonne underwater restaurant is leaving New Plymouth for a spot in the Indian Ocean.

Cockroaches inspire helpful robot

Cockroaches have inspired a new robot which could help find victims of natural disasters or bombings.

Inspired by the invincible insects, scientists built a machine to navigate through rubble to find survivors after natural disasters or bombings.

Car in stream after parking fail

The car is loaded on to a truck after being pulled from a culvert outside Lewis's Home Fabrics in Ngauranga.

Massive parking fail sees car wedged vertically in a Wellington culvert.

A Kiwi KFC wedding

Ashleigh and Louis Davis swing past Whangarei KFC for their wedding photo over the weekend.

It's a special relationship. Groom chooses KFC over naked pics for wedding photo.

Chef's fans fail spectacularly

"So turns out I can't make your custard square..."

Chelsea Winter is known for her easy cooking recipes, but some cooks haven't quite got the knack.

Roger got on the wrong flight

Brothers Andrew Ting, left, and Roger Ting, right, have been reunited.

Have you ever stepped onto the wrong flight? Apparently it's easy to do.

How your brain deciphers this code

Can you read this?

If you can read this message, it's because your brain is doing some "incredible" decoding.

The case of the curious cat and her wool fetish video

Suki clearly isn't worried about who all this wool belongs to. But if anyone knows, Suki's owner would love to return it. And apologise.

There's a wool thief in the Hamilton east area.

Meet Roger, the buff kangaroo

This is Roger, the muscle-bound kangaroo. We suggest you don't mess with him.

He made headlines when he crushed a metal bucket bare-pawed. Now he's back - has he been working out?

Kevin the goat terrorises neighbours

Wandering goat Kevin like to check out his neighbours' digs.

A broken guitar and a destroyed pot-luck dinner are among Kevin's alleged crimes.

Wildebeest ancestor had duckface

An artist’s interpretation of the rusingoryx atopocranion.

The modern wildebeest had a weird cousin far up the family tree whose bizarre nose gave it powers of communication.

A fence that turns heads video

Bernie Harfleet and his partner Donna decided to decorate their fence with doll body parts "for fun" about two years ago.

Impaled dolls' heads, body parts, Darth Vader - there's no white picket fence for these Aucklanders.

Photo booth snaps thief

The man who allegedly stole US$75 from a photo booth in Funway Amusements arcade and bowling alley.

If you are going to rob a photo booth, a mask might be a good idea.

'Sharkcano' - it's sharks in a volcano

Cameras dropped 45m into the volcano crater showed several species living in the "hostile" waters.

They don't have laser beams attached to their heads, but these sharks are living in an active volcano.

National fan shortage leaves Kiwis hot and bothered

If you've managed to buy a fan this summer, you are one of the lucky ones.

If you're looking for a fan to help you get through a muggy February, you're fresh out of luck.

Court gives groping boss a pass

The court agreed the elderly boss had inappropriately touched the women, but acquitted him nonetheless.

Italian court lets man off the hook for feeling up employees after determining he just has an "immature sense of humour".

Car vs scaffolding gallery

Scaffolding company owner Nick Curran says a motorist hit the scaffolding bringing it down and drove off.

A car hit scaffolding causing damage to parked vehicles and the search is on for the culprit.

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