Boring tui song due to city living video

A boring two-tone tui has been annoying city dwellers.

For tui living in cities, the daily grind means they have more monotonous tunes than their forest cousins.

Mum naps through birth

Alice Payne wished she was more present for the birth.

She was out like a light during what could have been the most painful experience of her life.

Summer snow on Tararuas

Snow on the Tararua range, seen from Ohau, just south of Levin, on Friday morning.

"It makes a nice change from the rain," says Levin resident of the surprise view.

Close call as car ends up in lounge

A car crashed through the wall of a house in Oakura on Thursday night.

A quiet night in for three flatmates ended when a car slammed through the wall of their house, centimetres above their heads.

Man donates 's... on a white skivvy'

Mary Smallman opened a parcel containing human feces while working at a Turangi Op' Shop.

Marae op shop volunteers left shaken after opening a box and discovering a donation covered in human waste.

UFO above Blenheim? video

A mysterious flying object was captured by Blenheim boy Josh Marshall.

"It's not a plane, it's not a star, and not a satellite."

Quirky complaints make council list

The Womad festival is held every year in New Plymouth and lasts for three days.

Would a water sprinkler operating at night push you over the edge?

Custodian of neat things gallery video

Michael Wolfe and his son Nickolai Wolfe, 16, have a range of collections in their home.

"People get singled out in life when you're born, it's something that's in you to collect and look after things."

History saved from being scrapped

Rod Arden, of New Plymouth,  came across these Taranaki Daily News 'extra' fliers during an army reunion at Trentham ...

Old find shows how the news used to be reported.

Beware the Bernese betrayal

Heather Anderson wanted another Bernese Mountain Dog after family dog Cooper died of leukemia.

Heartbroken New Plymouth woman warns of apparent scam targeting families wanting to buy Bernese puppies.

Police chase Lego-obsessed thief video

01082016 News Photo: Supplied. An exhibition featuring photos of famous movie scenes recreated in Lego, Brick Flicks, ...

Melbourne, Australia, the most liveable city in the world, is in the midst of a Lego crime wave.

Inmate causes station damage

An inmate smashed a sprinkler head at the New Plymouth police station Wednesday night.

The man became so aggravated he smashed a police station's sprinkler, leaving it without a fire safety system.

Sex toys dumped in recycling

Southland disAbility Enterprises worker Brett Sutherland and general manager Hamish McMurdo find syringes, latex condoms ...

"Thoughtless" mistakes are being blamed for the adult toys and used syringes with blood in them being dumped in the wrong bins.

Woman's home disappears from map video

Trish Palmer of Stanley Brook, Tasman went to renew her driving licence, and was told that her address is now classified ...

She's lived there for 20 years. But according to the NZTA, her home no longer exists.

'Scammed' pot smoker calls cops

A Hamilton woman is furious after alleged weed seller took her money and didn't deliver the goods.

A cannabis smoker was so angry her alleged drug dealer failed to deliver that she called police.

Helen Clark lookalike?

Someone called Josh was told he looked like her, and he shared the evidence on Twitter, gathering 500 likes by Wednesday.

Having something in common with Helen Clark might often be considered a good thing, depending on who you are.

Sneaky punter's beer goggles video

A fan is snapped drinking out of his binoculars.

The secret is out about how to sneak a drink into a big sporting event.

Battery-powered fundraising video

Ian Jury collects old batteries and then sells them to raise money for the Waitara Coastal Marching Club.

Behind 77-year-old Ian Jury's house sits a large pile of old batteries.

Flying gypsies hit Qtown

Levitating is a new way to busk in Queenstown.

A floating duo takes Queenstown busking to a new level.

The mayor with the gecko tattoo

Former Wellington mayor Celia Wade-Brown's new gecko tattoo.

Celia Wade-Brown wanted ratepayers to give her a tattoo. Instead she got a seat.

Residents show they give a ship

Ceris Hortop, Maia Takurua-Truscott, Chrissi Johnson, Jess Hortop and Tanira Kingi get into the Shipshow spirit.

Noticed an increase of pirates on Kapiti beaches recently?

'Sorry can't go any faster'

The homemade sign seen around the world.

The honest NZ homemade bumper sticker aimed at frustrated motorists.

Enormous gator interrupts stroll video

The beast, nicknamed Mr Hunchback, was captured on video on Sunday by Joiner as it lumbered across the track at the ...

Walking along a trail in Florida, Kim Joiner came face to face with a massive reptile.

Pizza shop sick note amuses

Gaslight Pizza customers seemed to understand when owner Blake Pendlebury couldn't open after a big win at the races.

Pizza shop owner wins some new fans with note explaining why store isn't opening.

Inspiration Station's final days

Tanya Marriott's My Little Ponies are the last collection to be displayed in Te Papa's Inspiration Station, which closes ...

For nearly two decades, Kiwis' unique collections have been displayed at Te Papa.

Explosive 80th birthday party

Last year's Wellington Sky Show, which featured commercial grade fireworks.

"Surprise" for mum rocked the neighbourhood and brought out the cops.

Garden on wheels video

The marigolds were senselessly ripped out of Winsome Shaw's garden.

Some "no hope lazy bugger" ripped marigolds out of a 74-year-old's garden and re-planted them - on a parked car.

Don's Johns not for Donald

The name of this port-a-loo company is not ok for the Presidential

It's the great port-a-loo cover-up for President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration.

Inflatable 'Trump-like' roosters popular

This angry-looking rooster bears a striking resemblance to U.S. President-elect Donald Trump.

Giant inflatable roosters sport President-elect's signature hairdo and hand gestures.

Pole down, driver gone

A car hit a street lamp on State Highway 3, between  New Plymouth  and Waitara and the impact flung part of it through a ...

A highway sign and two street lamps came off second-best after a crash in Taranaki.

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