Anti-garden state

A Reddit post asking if gardens were illegal in New Zealand was met with a slew of jokesters taking the mickey out of Kiwi society.

Reddit post asking if gardens were illegal in New Zealand met with slew of jokesters taking the mickey.

BK employee finds $127,000

Assistant manager at a Northern California Burger King finds a backpack loaded with about NZ$127,000.

Assistant manager at Northern California Burger King finds backpack loaded with about NZ$127,000.

Captain Puffleface to the rescue video

MOTHER HEN: Daniel Lynch, 12, was surprised to find a wild kitten he named Tiger had found an unlikely parental figure in one of his chickens. Daniel is pictured with another chicken - Nick the Chick.

When a wild kitten needed a friend, a chicken stepped up. Let Daniel Lynch, 12, tell the story...

Stray dog joins epic trek video

KINDNESS: It all started when Mikael Lindnord fed the dog a meatball.

Arthur followed a Swedish adventure racing team on 40-km trek and found himself a new home.

Log Ness Monster?

The famous 'Surgeon's Photograph' Loch Ness monster hoax picture from 1943 was eventually revealed to be a toy submarine.

After 18 months without a sighting, there's been a recent spate of reports of mysterious beasts emerging from the waters of Loch Ness.

'There's a dead dude in there!'

NOBODY HOME? The Milwaukee house where a body was found during a real estate inspection.

Open home goes horribly wrong when prospective buyers find something not on the listing - a body.

Thai leader 'pets' reporter video

Video of Thai leader 'petting' reporter goes viral

In the ever constant struggle to keep a press pack happy, politicians will try a whole host of tactics. Petting is a new one.

Pooh: you hermaphrodite you

POOH: With his buddies, whp obviously have no issue with his lack of trousers.

A small Polish town is trying to redefine everyone's favourite bear as a dangerous nudist.

Socks and Crocs no barrier

CROCS: Not usually considered suitable footwear for long-distance running.

This teenager can surf, climb mountains, fish and play football, but he cannot find his shoes on race day.

Officers, 'taches at the ready


Colombian police win right to pack a hairy lip while on duty.

Famous landmarks: empty gallery

The Sydney Opera House.

What it would be like to have some of the most beautiful places in the world all to yourself?

A bird in the herd

KIWI AS: The cow with its kiwi marking at a Tasman lifestyle block.

A cow with a distinctive kiwi-shaped marking on its forehead has been spotted on a Tasman lifestyle block.

Hundreds of spiders are living a lie

These spiders - more than 300 different species of them - have evolved to mimic ants.

These spiders - more than 300 different species of them - have evolved to mimic ants.

Marley-branded ganja coming

Bob Marley's children Cedella Marley and Rohan Marley pose with his wife, Rita, in Miami last month.

Bob Marley brought reggae mainstream. Now his family hopes he can hawk premium marijuana.

Macabre body parts case

Thai police officers show pictures of a tattooed human skin that two Americans are accused of trying to ship to Las Vegas.

Men behind "Bumfights" video are accused of mailing skin and a baby's head from Bangkok to US.

Why porn star wore a colander

ATHEIST AND PROUD: Pastafarian Jessica Steinhauser, also known as Asia Lemmon, wore religious headgear in her driver's licence photo.

A practicing Pastafarian and ex-porn star has paid homage to his noodly appendages in her driver's licence photo.

Armstrong bails on race video

BEER MILE: Lance Armstrong  drinks a beer at the start of the race.

One beer and one lap in, disgraced former pro cyclist throws in the towel on Beer Mile run.

Seal-penguin rape 'increasing'

Scientists say they are seeing more seals trying to mate with penguins, but can't understand why.

Seals are increasingly forcing penguins into sex and occasionally killing them once they get their sexual release.

Cop rescues Morepork chick

JAIL BIRD: A baby morepork spent the night in police custody after it was found on alone on a Hamilton road. Pictured:  Bill Smith, from Hamilton's Animal Wildlife Rehabilitation Trust.

A Morepork chick blown from its perch during storm spends the night in police custody.

Great dad, lousy cop?

US police generic

A US police lieutenant is accused of pulling over a school bus with emergency lights to deliver lunch to his son onboard.

He's lovin' it gallery

MCSTUCK: A hedgehog was rescued by Nelson police after wandering into an open road with a McFlurry container on its head.

Nelson police have saved a life, but not in their typical line of duty.

Strippers win $13.6m in back wages

STRIPPERS WIN: Dancers at a New York strip club have been awarded $12.64 million in back wages and tips.

Strip club plans to appeal after being busted for charging dancers to perform.

Hey, what about us?

A globe at a prominent monument in Moscow is missing both New Zealand and Tasmania.

We gave the country Lorde, Russell Crowe, the All Blacks and and Helen Clark - but outsiders keep leaving New Zealand off their maps.

Food fighters see shrink

FRUIT FIGHT: A honeymooning couple have been arrested for having a food fight in their hotel in Queenstown.

Honeymooning couple arrested for food fight at exclusive Queenstown hotel go for session with psychologist.

Partial win for Feilding dog owners

PAWS PAUSE: Dennis Rodgers and his bull mastiff Rose take a break from their walk at Manchester Square – but not for long if they are to abide by Manawatu District Council’s ‘‘no stopping’’ dog bylaw.

Feilding is allowing walkies on a direct route for dog owners, but stopping for coffee could land them in trouble.

Ultimate Kim Jong Un photobomb gallery

SO FAR SO GOOD: Kim Jong Un kicks off the tour with a bit of banter with the press.

The phantom photobomber: clever, elusive and has the sense of humour of a child. And we love them for it.

Dead whale used to escape sharks

A man rides the dead humpback whale off Rottnest. Picture from Seven News.

Dramatic scenes in the ocean off Rottnest when a man clambered onto the carcass of a humpback whale with at least five sharks nearby.

Never too old for Hello Kitty

51-year-old mother Kazumi Kaminaga smiles with a large Hello Kitty doll at a Sanrio shop in Tokyo.

Forty years since her inception, Hello Kitty is far from just kids stuff these days.

Snake regurgitates frog

Tiger snakes are said to be in strong supply around Herdsman Lake.

A frog has survived being swallowed whole and then spat out by a snake in north Queensland.

Woman trapped in chimney

Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa tried to sneak into the house of a man she met online through the chimney.

Fire crews chip woman out of chimney brick by brick after she tried to sneak into internet date's house.