Is this the world's heaviest feijoa?

This fejoa could be a world-record contender.

The Guinness Book of Records can expect a call after a Tauranga woman grows a 398g sample.

Shot in the bum

Police are investigating after a man arrived at a doctors office with a bullet wound.

A Hawke's Bay man arrived at a GP clinic with an unusual pellet shot wound.

Guilty of ponga plunder

A man who took punga from DOC land said he was using them to make retaining walls.

Freeloading thief had been helping himself to tree ferns at a protected area for two years until he was caught.

Biosecurity staff net fighting fish

The siamese fighting fish were transported in separate bags - the territorial fish would fight each other if not.

It was flight but not fight for some jet-setting Siamese fighting fish.

Bar goes barking mad video

Had a ruff day? Head along to this pub for a cold one, served by these bark-tenders.

First it was cat cafes and now London has the world's first pub staffed by man's best friend.

Canine CPR saves a life video

Snout has earned a spot in Gavin Lewis' home after his near-death experience.

Would you smooch your own pooch if push came to shove?

Crow snatches chihuahua

Fudge's owners believe she was taken by a crow from her backyard.

A crow is suspected of snatching a tiny puppy from a backyard in Melbourne

What does that miaow really mean?

Ever wondered what your cat is really trying to tell you?

New device translates cat's noises into human speech.

The pets that go paddleboarding

Michael Ellison on a paddleboard with Ellie the cat and Tama the dog at Macandrew Bay, Dunedin.

A ginger cat and a golden retriever have taken to riding the waves. No, really.

Watch: Drivers take flight in old cars video

Stuart Pateman is airborne in his car on his way to the UK car jumping title.

Daredevil drivers find airtime over a line of old vehicles as they compete for the British car jumping title.

Cop takes on 'roo-thieving eagle

Cuejoe owes his life - again - to police officer Scott Mason, who saved him from becoming an eagle's dinner.

The wedge-tailed eagle, with a stealthy approach that belied its 2.1 metre wingspan, attacked without warning.

Would you try a cheese KitKat?

Here have your break with cheese and melon.

Confectionary maker may have taken its interesting flavour creations a step too far with this new option.

Sky's the limit for pet surgery video

Western needed $2000 of surgery almost as soon as owner Moana Young bought him as a puppy. "I just had to save this ...

Would you pay $20,000 for a cat's hip op? How about $500 for a guinea pig's teeth?

Police have got the moves video

New Zealand police take part in the #runningmanchallenge with some flash moves.

New Zealand police lay down a #runningmanchallenge to cross-Tasman counterparts.

Their 'fallen angel' was anything but

Villagers in Indonesia thought this doll was a fallen angel. Police confirmed it was anything but.

Lying on a remote beach in Indonesia was a human-like figure "shining white", face-down and "crying".

Bored so sues for $590,000

A Frenchman is suing his employer, claiming he was given menial tasks and so became bored stiff.

Man sues employer for being subjected to four years of mind-numbing tasks.

Marathon hunt on for stolen dunnies

Two portaloos like this have been stolen from the Rotorua Marathon.

Who would steal two portaloos? Police have little to go on.

Bees key to post-op jetlag

Research into the way bees dance could be helpful for treating jetlag in post-op patients, according to new research.

An Auckland professor says curing people's jetlag after surgery could be helped by bees.

Bear burglar busted video

The bear is confronted by the long arm of the law.

A hungry bear helped itself to the contents of a fridge, before being chased away by chuckling police.

Top cats on display for national show gallery video

Margaret Morgan, of Palmerston North, at the New Zealand Cat Fancy National Cat Show in Palmerston North on Sunday. ...

"No matter what happens, you bring the best cat with you and take the best cat home."

Pop goes a weasel, down goes collider

FILE PHOTO - CERN Restarts Large Hadron Collider In The Search For Dark Matter LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 12:  A visitor ...

One of the physics world's most complex machines has been immobilised - temporarily - by a weasel.

The softest biker in town video

Baxter and owners Jason and Bee Wawatai out for a ride on their Harley-Davidson.

The fluffy maltese-bichon wears a harness and a pair of custom-made "doggles".

Teeth and guitars in lost property

Frontline support officer Janis​ Moore says about half a dozen items are handed into the police station every week.

Missing a ring, a skateboard or your teeth? Have you tried New Plymouth police station?

A prank for a dead mate

The Warehouse in Lyall Bay found stained clothes for days after two friends decided to cheer themselves up by squirting ...

To honour their deceased friend, a Wellington duo decided to squirt mustard around the Warehouse's clothing section.

That's a big dent

Just how big was the bird that hit this American Airlines plane?

This is the damage a bird can do to a plane.

Book returned... 68 years late

A woman has returned A.W. Reed's Myths and Legends of Maoriland nearly 68 years after it was due.

She borrowed the book as a child and returned it as a grandmother - but avoids a $7,300 fine.

'Cactus' skin may boost electric cars

A new membrane developed from a cactus is projected to significantly boost the performance of fuel cells.

A cactus-inspired skin could hold the secret to creating a more efficient electric car.

Redback spider bites penis

A redback spider bit an Australian tradesman's penis.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the bathroom...

Cockatoos painted blue

A blue cockatoo enjoys a feed in the back yard of North Bondi resident Kim Novick.

Cockatoos that appear to have been painted blue, green and pink spotted in Sydney.

How do you lose your false teeth?

This is what the lost and found property room looked like on Friday March 8 before the charity came and picked up items. ...

The weird and wonderful world of Auckland Airport's lost and found.

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