Nordstrom's $618 'mud' jeans video

These jeans are a perfectly apt summary for the way we project our lives on social media.

OPINION: These jeans are a perfectly apt summary for the way we project our lives on social media.

Now or never for rental quality

Rental homes are twice as likely to have poorly-maintained features than owner-occupied buildings, according to a survey.

The market is hot, the incentives are there. If the standard of rentals doesn't improve now, it never will.

Will Chelsea do the double?

Chelsea are on the verge of winning the English league-cup double.

HEAD-TO-HEAD: The Blues are on the verge of winning the EPL and FA Cup double, but will they get there?

Confessions of an alco-pop girl

RTD-swilling women under 24 are emerging as New Zealand's worst problem drinkers - and I'm not surprised, Anna Loren writes.

OPINION: I got drunk for the first time when I was 13. It was fun, until it wasn't.

Migration debate a logic bypass

Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse imposed a "remuneration test" as a proxy for skills.

OPINION: Recent boom in work and student visas suggests room for cuts.

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How will police prosecute their own?

A friend says Verity Ann McLean was "a lovely lady": "She was a caring, happy, great mum."

OPINION: The Invercargill shooting leaves police with serious questions to answer.

The worst (festival) day of my life

I fantasied about this happening to me about 4000 times that day... she was one of the lucky ones...

OPINION: Fyre is not the first festival to put the fear of God into fans. I survived Soundwave 2010. No really, I did.

Let's eat our way to world peace

A good mac'n'cheese can go a long way.

OPINION: If you sat the whole world down and fed them shrimp mac'n'cheese, there would be no more war.

An expensive addiction

With immigration, some people win – but as many economists point out, many Kiwis lose out with rising house prices and ...

OPINION: We welcome immigrants, their families, their businesses - and their money. But at what point should NZ say 'Enough'?

Everything's going Winston's way

Labour leader Andrew Little has jumped on the immigration bus.

OPINION: That sound National ministers keep hearing behind them? It's Winston Peters breathing down their necks.

When Grandpa was a WWII POW

Beck Eleven's grandfather, Alfred Rawlings, spent most of his WWII service as a prisoner of war.

OPINION: I'd rather war wasn't something to be had at all but since history is potted with it, Anzac Day is the one during which New Zealanders and Australians, for the most part, take time to respect and remember fallen soldiers.

Deer girl in the headlights

Well-heeled for work or a high point in foolishness?

OPINION: It's not that I'm against high heels - but at least I never required assistance to walk in them.

Hanging out at WINZ

Kelly Ana Morey copes with a slow winter by going on the benefit, but it's no easy task.

OPINION: I cope with a slow winter by going on the benefit, but it's no easy task.

Southland tales and racist lows

The beach at Curio Bay, Southland, where a shark attacked a French woman.

It was a week of southern horror and racist politics.

Knowing when to quit is tough video

James Broadhurst's promising rugby career was cut short by concussion.

OPINION: One minute you have it all, the next all you have is a splitting headache.

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