China ups its space game

Aerial view of a dish-like radio telescope at Pingtang County in Qiannan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou ...

The world's largest radio telescope in China has begun searching for signals from stars and galaxies and, perhaps, extraterrestrial life.

It turns out fish can sing

Fish take part in a dawn chorus just like birds, scientists have found.

The ocean might seem like a quiet place, but listen carefully and you might just hear a choir of fish. 

Winning personalities of rocks

Do you see a female rock or a male rock?

When is a rock "emotionally distinct"? Welcome to the most absurd, strange and curious research of the year.

How did Garrett die?

Garrett Phillips, 12, of Potsdam, New York state, was strangled in 2011.

The mystery of the murdered 12-year-old boy and the groundbreaking Kiwi forensic tool that can't be used.

Photos from space breathtaking

The International Space Station camera captures a nighttime view of the Strait of Gibraltar with a Russian Soyuz ...

We've become blase about the little blue planet on which we live.

Science in the water

Ben Plesner, 13, Lulu Fuller, 11, Luke Bradbury, 11, Maite Dechering, 12, (front) Rebecca Keen, 12, Kate Alexander, 13 ...

Puketapu School consistently performs well at Hawke's Bay's science fair

Why people love sad movies

Tear-jerker films trigger the release of "happy" chemicals in the brain, an Oxford study has suggested.

Emotional drama triggers the release of "happy" chemicals in the brain the same way comedies do, study finds.

Space station will fall to Earth - somewhere video

China's Tiangong-1 is heading back to Earth.

China's Tiangong 1 is out of control. No one knows when, or where it will crash land.

Bringing ancient history to life video

The scroll was in a charred and fragile state but scientists somehow managed to decipher its text without unrolling it.

Scientists have somehow extracted legible Hebrew text from a crumbling 1,500-year-old scroll without unrolling it.

History of mankind rewritten

Work by Massey University professor Murray Cox contributed to the findings.

DNA from the Pacific seems to have settled it - humans left Africa 120,000 years ago.

Should cats have a curfew?

Cats preying on wildlife is a behaviour causing "considerable community concern".

All cats should be microchipped and subject to curfews in sensitive areas, under new national proposals.

Redbacks' brutal sex lives video

The gruesome and sexually cannibalistic redback spider.

Female redback spiders like to indulge in "copulatory cannibalism" - a fancy phrase for eating your partner after sex.

Earth-sized planets 'the real thing' video

An artist's impression of the dwarf star TRAPPIST-1.

Astronomers confirm three rocky worlds orbit a red dwarf star in the constellation of Aquarius.

Science star invents clean machine

Year 10 student Samuel Lee took out the top title at the science and technology fair.

It uses a Van De Graaff generator in the chimney flue to stop harmful particles escaping.

Roger Hanson column

A scientist holds a glass of champagne after the first successful collisions at full power at the Compact Muon Solenoid ...

Some amazing scientific predictions have come true many decades after they were made.

Blue-vein chocolate? video

Alex Aitken head chef at Molten restaurant and wine bar demonstrates the marriage of chocolate and blue cheese on a ...

A university food study is mixing live bacteria and chocolate for an entirely new gastronomic experience.

When space eats itself

This illustration shows a glowing stream of material from a star as it is being devoured by a supermassive black hole in ...

Scientists have caught black holes swallowing stars - and burping energy back up

Did mammoths live with humans?

The skull is estimated to be about 13,000 years old, which overlaps with the age of the oldest human skeletal remains in ...

"Well-preserved fossil" dating 13,000 years old suggests mammoths were roaming the earth about the same time as humans.

Space: Made in NZ

An Atlas V rocket by United Launch Alliance launches with a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) onboard at Cape Canaveral ...

The country's conditions just so happen to be exactly what you want to launch rockets.

Push for more girls in science

Whangaparaoa College student Wendy Richardson with an optical illusion of a lightbulb as part of an optics experiment.

Encouraging girls into science behind inspirational forum.

Ominous warning from the Arctic video

This image shows a view of the Arctic on September 10, 2016, when sea ice extent was at 4.14 million square kilometres. ...

Arctic sea ice is at its second-lowest level ever, and the ice could disappear altogether by 2030, scientist warns.

Pluto: Our solar system's graffiti artist

Pluto's largest moon, Charon, is seen in a high-resolution, enhanced color view captured by NASA's New Horizons ...

A new study has discovered Pluto is "spray-painting" the red poles of its big moon, Charon.

Banks Peninsula rockfall hazard rising - study video

Large rockfall boulder in Heathcote Valley, which detached from source cliff (background) during the February 22, 2011 ...

Earthquake rockfalls are becoming a bigger hazard on Banks Peninsula because of tree and scrub removal.

Meth test research gets boost

Crystal Methamphetamine

A roadside test to determine if a driver has used methamphetamine is being developed by Victoria University researchers.

The birds that can use tools video

A captive Hawaiian crow carrying a stick tool to a wooden log where food is hidden in drilled holes.

These crows almost went extinct before scientists discovered they craft their own tools.

Mapping 1.14b stars. Easy video

Gaia's first sky map.

Star-surveying satellite is on track to create the most accurate 3D map of the Milky Way.

Space station's NZ fly-by

A picture of Banks Peninsula taken from the International Space Station.

Astronaut shares fantastic photos of NZ, ahead of a rare glimpse of the space station tonight.

Mussel research for super food

Cawthron Institute programme manager Matt Miller.

Research is backing up the super food status of mussels.

Trees know they're being eaten

Trees can't lock deers up but they can discourage them from coming back for seconds.

Trees know when deer are eating them and, as research has found, they fight back.

Big space rock unearthed

A team lifts the meteorite from its hole at the site where a meteor shower hit some 4000 years ago.

A 30-tonne meteor - believed to be the world's second-largest - has been discovered in Argentina.

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