Biggest (recorded) wave in the south

A Kiwi buoy recorded the largest ever wave in the Southern Hemisphere on Saturday. (file photo)

The 19.4-metre wave - higher than a five-storey building - was recorded south of New Zealand at the weekend.

Doomsday vault ends up flooding video

Seeds are stored on shelves at the international gene bank. The vault was designed to last "an eternity" but global ...

The world's seed supply back-up's been flooded by melting permafrost - which scientists didn't expect to happen.

Noah's flood probably happened

A massive rift in the Antarctic Peninsula's Larsen C ice shelf seen on November 10, 2016.

A scientist says the Biblical flood isn't a fairy tale - and ice melting like it is now caused it.

23 years waiting to be heard

Retired University of Otago professor John Knight has been seeking Government support for 23 years to develop a gene ...

A professor who has a potential new genetic pest control is finally being listened to.

Antarctica starts to turn green

Rapidly growing banks of mosses are spreading on the ice of the continent's northern peninsula

At the white continent's northern edge, banks of moss spread rapidly across the ice.

Lithium, batteries and Bolivia

A Panasonic Corp's lithium-ion battery, which is part of Tesla Motor Inc's Model S and Model X battery packs.

It is hoped, when the electric car market moves into top gear, the money will start flowing.

Climate 'stable' on Proxima b

An artist's impression of Proxima b orbiting the red dwarf star Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our solar system.

First research suggests planet orbiting the closest star to the sun could hold water.

Delving into a pukeko's love life

Cain says it's not yet known what purpose is served by the shield, which is the red ornament on the bird's forehead.

Dr Kristal Cain is working to unlock the secrets of one of New Zealand's most recognised native birds.

3D-printed ovaries success video

The artificial mouse ovary made was made of gelatin.

For the first time ever, US researchers successfully implanted artificial ovaries in a mouse, which went on to give birth to healthy pups.

Dinosaurs were seconds from survival video

An asteroid crashing into Earth in the Caribbean region wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

The size of the asteroid or the scale of its blast didn't doom the dinosaurs. Its timing did, scientists say.

The men who did the most to preserve native trees

Book cover: Keeping New Zealand Green: Our Forests and their Future, by Elizabeth Orr. Steele Roberts Aotearoa, 2017, $44.99.

Hint: They worked for the Forest Service

Into the teenage brain

Brainwave Trust educator Ron Fisher said some teenagers might look like adults, but their brain won't be fully developed ...

Experts say we don't fully develop the ability to think of the consequences until we're older.

Flu heart attack risk

"The data showed that the increased risk of a heart attack isn't necessarily just at the beginning of respiratory ...

Risk of heart attack 17 times higher in week after a serious respiratory infection, research finds.

'It won't hurt a bit' - yeah right

250614. 123rf. Stock Photo - doctor making vaccination to the patient

adult, arm, attractive, background, blue, boy, ...

The words doctors use to describe medical procedures can actually heighten or reduce pain.

'Tusked' creature of deep unmasked video

The huge rotting carcass turned the water around the beach red.

Giant sea creature that created a frenzy when it washed up with tusks on an Indonesia beach identified.

'Oh my gosh': Milestone ISS spacewalk

Rookie flier Jack Fischer overcame an equipment glitch to complete a stunner of a spacewalk.

American astronauts overcome equipment glitch to complete a breathtaking 200th ISS spacewalk.

Sight, smell, taste, touch... pain?

Balance, motion, pressure, itch, pain, fatigue, breathing, temperature, appetite and expulsion should be recognised as ...

There are 10 more human senses that need to be recognised, leading psychologist claims.

Grotty socks reveal secret life of germs

Once every three weeks for 16 months, a group of 60 volunteers put a sock on the outside of one shoe and went for 4km ...

"Citizen scientists" wandering the British countryside find gut-churning bug in unexpected places.

A brush with nuclear power

Roger Hanson spent two weeks as a student working on a report into the feasibility Waste Vitrification for nuclear waste ...

Roger Hanson only narrowly missed a career in nuclear energy.

Resurrected animals could become 're-extinct'

Resurrection of huia birds is on the cards, as research into bringing back extinct animals continues.

A scientist says there are limits to bringing extinct animals back to life.

Dragon-skin ice spotted in Antarctica video

The ice was spotted by a team of researchers on the Nathaniel B Palmer ice-breaker research vessel as it crossed the ...

Scientists in the Antarctic have been treated to a rare and dazzling sight - a phenomenon that freezes water into ice scales.

From brake to accelerator

Global warming is likely to accelerate as processes in the Pacific Ocean change from slowing warming to exacerbating it ...

Natural processes in the Pacific Ocean have been slowing global warming. That's likely about to change.

New weta found

There are thought to be between 50 and 100 different species of native cave weta.

 Weta are mysterious and "cute", says a researcher who has discovered seven new species of them.

Dinosaur gets 'Ghostbusters' name

Paleontologist Victoria Arbour noticed a resemblance between the skull of the dinosaur and Ghostbuster villain Zuul, and ...

It was more of a leg buster, but scientists name spike dinosaur after movie monster.

Redbacks and rabbits killing one of our own

A redback spider found by Jackie Spencer at the Cromwell Chafer Beetle Nature Reserve in Central Otago.

A couple of introduced species have combined to further threaten one of New Zealand's endemic species.

Oldest evidence of life found

A general view of dried-up rivers in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Pilbara is where the fossil evidence was found.

The oldest fossil evidence of life on land has been discovered in Australia.

Balloon down but NASA not out

Nasa's super pressure balloon launch at Wanaka Airport in 2017.

Wanaka's balloon has sunk into in a secret subterranean world below the Pacific seas.

Dinosaur identified as new species

An illustration of the dinosaur Beibeilong on its nest.

More than 20 years after gracing the cover of National Geographic, fossil now has a place in the dinosaur family tree.

Emission-friendly synthetic food

Looks like chicken, tastes like chicken - but it's actually an "analogue meat" produced from pea protein by ...

OPINION: Sorry, the smart money is going into synthetic food start-ups.

NZ seeds in Arctic doomsday vault

Seeds from the Margot Forde Germplasm Centre in Palmerston North are now stored deep underground in the Arctic.

The future of New Zealand's agriculture industry is secure, buried deep under rock in the Arctic.

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