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FILE PHOTO - CERN Restarts Large Hadron Collider In The Search For Dark Matter LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 12:  A visitor takes a phone photograph of a large back lit image of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the  Science Museum's 'Collider' exhibition on November 12, 2013 in London, England. At the exhibition, which opens to the public on November 13, 2013  visitors will see a theatre, video and sound art installation and artefacts from the LHC, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the CERN particle physics laboratory in Geneva. It touches on the discovery of the Higgs boson, or God particle, the realisation of scientist Peter Higgs theory.  (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

Scientists are nearly doubling the amount of energy that will smash protons together in the Large Hadron Collider.

'Shocking' fossil fuel subsidies

Carbon-belching coal fired plants are the bugbear of global efforts to rein in climate change.

More public money is spent subsidising fossil fuel companies than goes on healthcare, according to a global estimate.

Choking the carbon cash flow

More than 220 institutions - including Wellington's Victoria University - have committed to divesting from fossil fuels since a campaign started in 2012.

El Nino brings cooler June

June is expected to be cooler than usual as the el nino weather pattern strengthens in the tropics.

A chillier than average June is being predicted for New Zealand, as the El Nino climate system continues to strengthen.

Sawfish reproduce via 'virgin birth'

A juvenile smalltooth sawfish in the Charlotte Harbor estuary in Florida.

Seven endangered sawfish conceived without sex or male sperm, researchers say.

Critters sex each other to death

The Tasman Peninsula Dusky Antechinus, found in southeastern Tasmania, already faces the threat of extinction. Its proclivity for ferocious, suicidal sex frenzies isn't helping.

The Dusky Antechinus already faces extinction. Its proclivity for ferocious, suicidal sex frenzies isn't helping.

'Paradigm shift' in cancer treatment

A cancer cell.

A huge cancer trial will sort patients into treatment groups based on genetic mutations in their tumours, rather than by cancer type.

4.7 quake jolts South Island

An earthquake has rattled Dunedin.

A strong, shallow magnitude 4.7 earthquake rocked parts of the South Island on Monday night.

Birth control history laid bare video

The condom case in the contraceptives collection shows their development through history.

A free exhibit of more than 150 birth control methods, old and new, on display.

Drop in marine reserve policing

Blue cod are one of the species commonly spotted by divers in the Taputeranga marine reserve off Island Bay.

Locals express concerns about a significant drop in Taputeranga reserve enforcement.

Typhoon terror will only get worse

Typhoon Maysak as it strengthened into a Category 5 hurricane in March 2015.

The most ferocious storms are on the increase and a new Category 6 may be needed.

'Manhattanhenge' descends on NYC

People take pictures of sunset on 42nd street, during the biannual occurrence named "Manhattanhenge" in New York City May 29, 2013. "Manhattanhenge", coined by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, occurs when the setting sun aligns itself with the east-west grid of streets in Manhattan, allowing the sun to shine down all streets at the same time. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz (UNITED STATES - Tags: SOCIETY ENVIRONMENT)

Thousands are expected to gather in the city's vast streets on Friday night to witness "Manhattanhenge".

Potential new hominin species found

Scientists have found the jaw and teeth of a new species in Ethiopia that lived between 3.3 and 3.5 million years ago.

A potential new hominin has been discovered, giving the first indication that the human family was full of variety long before our own genus came along.

Six of the coolest new creatures

Ampulex Dementor, the soul-sucking "dementor" wasp.

Before eating its prey alive, the ampulex dementor wasp paralyses its prey not by locking up its muscles but by stealing its free will.

No conflict between science and religion

Scientist Murray Broom in his home laboratory in Blenheim.

The natural world is "incredibly intricate and amazing", says scientist and inventor Murray Bloom. 

A whodunit that dates back 430,000 years


Archaeologists painstakingly piece together pre-Neanderthal skull to find the earliest known evidence of murder.

Girl, 4, makes scientific history

Isla Robinson, 4, and her mother Rachel Weldon just before Isla became the first child to be given her own cord blood to prevent her developing type 1 diabetes.

When Isla Robinson was born, her parents banked her cord blood. Now they're glad they did.

Engineering rescues after quakes

New Zealand Urban Search and Rescue engineer Scott Miller in Japan after the tsunami flattened former holiday destination Tokura on March 11, 2011.

USAR was 'a joke' until the Christchurch quake, when they worked 37 hours straight. Now they save lives the world over.

Special honour for Victoria vulcanologist

Colin Wilson's election as a fellow of the Royal Society came after years studying supervolcanoes worldwide.

Victoria University's Colin Wilson has spent much of his career studying supervolcanoes.

Mystery of the disappearing whales video

The Niwa Antarctic voyage spotted almost 50 humpback whales in three days around two of the Balleny Islands, near Antarctica, but none at all at a third.

The disappearance of whales from an Antarctic island has left experts puzzled.

Ceres bright spots closer than ever

NASA's Dawn spacecraft has captured up close the mysterious white spots of Ceres.

NASA scientists have captured the closest images yet of the mysterious bright spots on the dwarf planet Ceres.

Climate truths still inconvenient

A United Nations climate change conference in Paris in December aims to finalise a worldwide binding agreement.

An award-winning film combating climate change sceptics to hit screens worldwide

Mummified child coming home

The mummified remains of a Tainui child will be welcomed home at a ceremony at Te Papa on Monday, May 25, before returning to their whanau.

Mummified remains of a Tainui child among four sets returned after more than a century overseas.

Rare double lights up Aussie's skies

The spectacular bioluminous outbreak in Tasmania is bringing light and colour to Hobart’s night skies.

Mother nature's rare double lights up skies and waters in Australia.

Maori history link to megathrust quake

Deposits at Okupe Lagoon  on Kapiti Island may be from a tsunami caused by a 15th century megathrust earthquake under Cook Strait.

Evidence of a massive 15th century earthquake on a subduction zone under Cook Strait could tie in with an event recorded in Maori oral history.

'Megaquake' warning gallery video

Jamie Howarth, William Ries and Delia Strong, of GNS Science, using a piston corer to recover sediment cores from salt marsh at Big Lagoon, Blenheim, to determine the dates of the last megathrust earthquake off the Wairarapa coast.

Evidence a 3.3m tsunami swept more than 360m inland is proof we could be ticking down to a "megathrust" quake.

'Megathrust' quakes don't stir planners

Jamie Howarth, William Ries and Delia Strong, of GNS Science, using a piston corer to recover sediment cores from salt marsh at Big Lagoon, Blenheim, to determine the dates of the last megathrust earthquake off the Wairarapa coast.

The proof may be there about "megathrust" earthquakes, but Wellington planners aren't rushing to change their quake plans.

Vitamin may block some skin cancers

12052015. 123rf.
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A cheap over-the-counter vitamin appears to reduce the recurrence of some common skin cancers.

Life with Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking  and Jane Wilde Hawking attend the EE British Academy Film Awards at The Royal Opera House.

Living with Stephen made me suicidal but I do still love him.

El Nino has us guessing

More drought for the country's east coast is possible if the increasingly likely El Nino event lands this year.

Meteorologists say the Pacific is heading for an El Nino event. How do they know?

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