The science behind stereotyping

Stereotypes affect our perception in a way that "overrides reality", say scientists.

Watch: Stunning new jellyfish video

The mesmerizing creature was thought to have been out hunting when captured on film.

Amazing new jellyfish found prowling one of the deepest oceans in the world.

Winter will come ski managers predict

The unusually warm May weather is expected to continue for a while yet but skiers are keen to see some snow on the ...

Temperatures are picked to be up to 2 degrees Celsius higher on average this month, threatening weather records. 

Infertility 'reversed' in mice

"The aim is to help a growing number of women who find ... that they're ready in life to start a family, but ...

Research boosts possibilities of older women, or ex-chemotherapy patients, to conceive.

Is free will just an illusion?

A Google search page is reflected in the eye of a computer user in Leicester, central England, in this July 20, 2007 ...

We assume we make choices on the basis of our own free will. It is an assumption that may well be incorrect.

Bees key to post-op jetlag

Research into the way bees dance could be helpful for treating jetlag in post-op patients, according to new research.

An Auckland professor says curing people's jetlag after surgery could be helped by bees.

New Earth-like planets found

An artist's impression shows an imagined view from the surface one of the three planets orbiting an ultracool dwarf star ...

Forget life on Mars. Three other potentially habitable planets might be our best shot yet at finding signs of alien life.

A year without winter?

Mt Hutt ski area manager James McKenzie says milder temperatures will not make "huge difference" to the ski season.

Unusually warm temperatures predicted for much of May, but skifield operators are not panicking yet.

Treating water with carbon

Carbonscape head of research and development Greg Conner shows parts of a microwave chamber to MPs Chris Bishop, ...

Tech company CarbonScape is trying to purify Auckland's water supply using activated carbon.

Happiness comes in salty water

Research in New Zealand proves blue space is good for mental health, but the importance of green space is less clear.

Proof the ocean can make us happy.

A truly eccentric professor

Professor "Jack" Haldane in India.

The Brits dismissed him as an eccentric professor but "Jack" Haldane was revered in India.

Arch an engineering innovation

The flying buttresses of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on a snowy day in January 2013.

Where would we be without the arch and the flying buttress?

Clot-buster saves lives

A close-up of the new device used to remove blood clots.

Expanding access to a revolutionary stroke treatment device that has improved the quality of life of survivors would mean many more would be able to live independently again, a medical expert says.

Pop goes a weasel, down goes collider

FILE PHOTO - CERN Restarts Large Hadron Collider In The Search For Dark Matter LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 12:  A visitor ...

One of the physics world's most complex machines has been immobilised - temporarily - by a weasel.

The Pacific Rim: Five myths

Seismic graphs show the earthquake waves at 8am on Tuesday detected by the northernmost seismographs.

A tragic month of earthquakes along the "Ring of Fire" has kept seismologists busy.

Early ice melting alarms

Greenland is home to the world's second largest ice mass, containing enough water to lift average sea levels about seven ...

A thin blue line in one chart was initially dismissed as just too outlandish to be accurate.

Time running out for Antipodes' mice

Reischek's parakeet, one of two parakeet species that live only on the Antipodes islands.

Mice on Antipodes Island are about to get their comeuppance in a winter eradication programme.

Why ginger people will age badly

Prince Harry's genes mean he may look older than his years.

People with red hair could look, on average, two years older than they actually are, genetic research finds.

Teams compete for Space Challenge

2016 NASA Space App Challenge. Judges from left Dr Rolf Gehre - engineering analyst and propulsion analyst with ...

Coders, designers and space enthusiasts hunkered down for two days of brainstorming on Anzac weekend.

Is there a 'violent gene'?

A Finnish study has found a link between criminal behaviour and gene variations, but it's not strong enough to suggest ...

Genetics can be linked to criminal behaviour, but it's not a scapegoat.

White Island settles down

The White Island webcam shows ash from the explosion, which has settled on about 80 per cent the crater floor.

Green ash has settled on 80 per cent of the crater floor after Wednesday's eruption.

'Cactus' skin may boost electric cars

A new membrane developed from a cactus is projected to significantly boost the performance of fuel cells.

A cactus-inspired skin could hold the secret to creating a more efficient electric car.

Don't blame it on the sunshine

A new study has found West Coast rain plays a role in causing ruptures in New Zealand's major Alpine Fault.

Rainwater could help cause New Zealand's next major earthquake.

White Island explosion

The White Island webcam shows ash from the explosion, which has settled on the crater floor.

The volcanic island is being closely watched after its first eruption in three years.

SpaceX: Mars by 2018

An artist rendering of SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft approaching Mars.

Private spaceflight firm plans to land a spacecraft on Mars in as little as two years.

A rebel with a very real cause

Dr Swee Tan believes his research will lead to less invasive and expensive cancer treatment.

You have to dream big if you want to make a change, says plastic surgeon and scientist Dr Swee Tan.

'X' Day: A quake to shake the world

A wave approaches Miyako City after the magnitude 8.9 earthquake struck Japan on March 11, 2011.

Windows shatter, trains derail and cars plunge from buckling bridges. It all happens at 4.35pm on a day dubbed "Tokyo's X Day".

NASA bacon and egg pie has lift off

Wanaka locals Eddie Spearing, Tony Culshaw and Naomi Lindsay enjoy bacon and egg pie after the aborted NASA balloon ...

Traditional Kiwi pie transcends NASA's Wanaka balloon, for now.

Should you hug your dog?

A photo analysed by Stanley Coren in his research.

One expert says the dogs don't like it, but Kiwi animal behavior specialists disagree.

Lean-burn engine idea flared briefly

A worker walks between oil barrels at Pertamina's storage depot in Jakarta.

The 1973 oil crisis sparked a race to design more efficient gasoline engines.

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