Woolly thinking a real life-saver

FAMILY CARE: Lisa and Brett Archer say the breakthrough in research into Batten disease is too late for their six-year-old daughter Katie, but they welcome the chance for scientists to move on to human trials.

A flock of New Zealand sheep has led to a world-first scientific breakthrough for sick children.

Space balloon for broadband?

An artist's impression of the balloon Shanghai Pengxin and KuangChi Science will launch into "near space".

Chinese firm Shanghai Pengxin will launch a balloon into "near space" from South Island to test whether it could be used to deliver broadband.

Wall crawl like Spidey

Amazing Spider-Man

If you've ever longed to defy gravity by scurrying up a high-rise like a superhero, science thanks you for sticking with it.

Hundreds of spiders are living a lie

These spiders - more than 300 different species of them - have evolved to mimic ants.

These spiders - more than 300 different species of them - have evolved to mimic ants.

Comet probe found organics

A mosaic of a series of images captured by Rosetta's OSIRIS camera over a 30 minute period shows Philae descending towards the comet before touchdown.

Before Philae fell asleep on comet 67P, it transmitted evidence of organic molecules, scientists say.

AIDS threat 'can end' by 2030 video

aids ribbon

A five-year, fast-track battle against HIV could end the global threat of the AIDS epidemic by 2030.

How to survive Ebola

EBOLA SURVIVORS: A mother and child put their handprint on a piece of artwork made by Ebola survivors at a Doctors Without Borders treatment centre in Liberia in October.

Doctors say there's a way to survive an infection with Ebola - but it involves lots of willpower.

Seal-penguin rape 'increasing'

Seals are increasingly forcing penguins into sex and occasionally killing them once they get their sexual release.

How to predict snowfall?

Heavy snow fell to sea-level in Christchurch in July 2012.

It's one of the hardest things to predict - just how close to sea-level snow is going to fall.

Comet scientists take a break

On a mission: The Philae lander, as seen from Rosetta.

Scientists to have a rest after working for days around the clock since the lander Philae touched down on a comet.

Comet probe's returns data

The first picture sent back of the Philae lander on the comet.

Struggling with low batteries, Europe's deep-space robot lab Philae has managed to drill into a comet and upload some data.

NZ observatory to track probe

HAYABUSA2: An artist’s impression of the craft soon to be on a mission to put a lander on an asteroid, and bring material back to Earth.

AUT scientists will track a Japanese satellite as it heads to rendezvous with asteroid in deep space.

Males killing their own

A dominant male Chacma baboon fights for access to females in Tsoaobis Leopard Park in Namibia.

Baby Chacma baboons are not alone in facing their greatest threat from within.

What went wrong on that comet gallery

The first picture sent back of the Philae lander on the comet.

It bounced 1km off the surface and landed in a shadow - but still managed to send back a picture.

Rosetta, we might have a problem video

Artist's impression of lander Philae separating from Rosetta and descending to the surface of the comet.

The chase is over. For the first time a spacecraft has landed on a comet, but will it stick?

Space probe to land on comet

An artist impression of the Rosetta lander Philae on the surface of Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

The culmination of a 10-year mission will unfold live tonight, 480 million km from Earth.

'Master-switch' triggers hormone surge

Otago University researchers have discovered a neurological "master-switch" that triggers the brain to develop differently according to gender.

A University of Otago study has revealed why men are from Mars, and women are from Venus.

Virus: Makes people stupid

CREEPY: The cognitive-function-affecting algae was in the throats of 44 per cent of the people tested in the study.

And in a study of 90 people, 40 had it. Doh!

Rare 'moonbow' lights up Tekapo

NIGHT DELIGHT: A rare moonbow is cast over Tekapo in South Canterbury.

A Tekapo photographer captured spectacular images of two rare events above the South Canterbury town.

Robo-roaches to the rescue

ROBO-ROACH: An electronic backpack with wireless transmission controls the cockroach and sends information back to rescue workers.

Technology and vermin could be the answer to improving rescue efforts at disaster sites.

Science 'solves' penis conundrum

'A GREAT STUDY': Has science solved the snake penis conundrum?

Scientists think they know why snakes get two penises and people only get one.

Behold, the penguin-bot

CUTE ROBOT: A remote-operated rover penguin gets close to an Emperor penguin and her chick in Antarctica.

Scientists have developed a cute and fluffy robot designed to monitor skittish penguins without causing them stress.

Eating away at paleo wisdom

'Kangaroo Fillet Salad' at the Paleo Cafe in Bondi Junction.

Food fads such as the paleo diet are ignoring 12,000 years of progress, an evolutionary biologist says

Climate report's stark warning

WARNING: Failure to reduce emissions could lock the world on a trajectory with "irreversible" impacts on people and the environment, the report says.

Climate change is happening, it's almost entirely man's fault, and the fix is drastic, report says.

Our Big Blue Backyard

BIG BLUE BACKYARD: New Zealand’s magnificent marine ecosystems are on display in a new documentary.

New Zealand’s magnificent marine ecosystems are on display in a new six-part Natural History New Zealand (NHNZ) documentary series that begins on TVOne on Sunday night.

Burning passion

One of the dozens of meteorite specimens displayed in a showroom in Urumqi, in China's far-western Xinjiang region.

For some of China's wealthy, the terrestrial trappings are worthless compared to bounty from outer space.

'God isn't a wizard' video

Wants an inclusive approach: Pope Francis.

Pope Francis backs the evolution theory but says there was no Big Bang without God.

Paralysed man walks again video

HE'S OFF: Fidyka's case has been described by British scientists as "more impressive than a man walking on the Moon".

A paralysed man can walk again after receiving revolutionary treatment which one of the British scientists responsible hailed as a breakthrough "more impressive than a man walking on the Moon" - although others urged caution.

Giant spider 'the size of a rodent'

'RIDICULOUSLY HUGE': The birdeater has a leg span of about 30cm and weighs up to 170g.

Stumbling across the South American Goliath birdeater was a dream come true for entomologist Piotr Naskrecki.

These kangaroos can't jump

WALK, THEN HOP: Sketch of a large sthenurine kangaroo. Ancient relatives of the modern kangaroo walked upright on two legs.

The kangaroos' ancient relatives had legs made for walking, and that's just what they did.