Aurora lights up NZ skies video

The Milky Way and the Aurora seen from Castle Hill, Canterbury.

From Auckland to Otago the Southern Lights shone bright last night. But tonight, it will get even better.

Jane Goodall holds on to hope

Dr Jane Goodall at Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania. She first travelled to Tanzania in 1960 at the age of 26.

Ahead of her NZ visit Goodall says why there is hope for our planet and its inhabitants.

The fight for science

The lead marchers walking up Queen St in Auckland.

Kiwis lead the world in an international fight back for science vs Trump.

Eating with all the senses

Professor Charles Spence.

Everything from the size of your plate to ambient lighting can affect how you experience food.

Stopping exotic invaders may be impossible

New Zealand's biosecurity laws are the most stringent in the world. Yet there is probably little chance of slowing down ...

Invasive species "homogenise" indigenous environments.

Fernbirds relocation 'scientific trial'

Fernbirds are small with a distinctive long, trailing, ragged tail

"At risk" birds relocated from Taranaki with hopes to help repopulate other areas.

Saturday could be seventh heaven for NASA

The "NASA bacon and egg pie'' from the Warbirds and Wheels Cafe at Wanaka Airport lets off steam on the media bench ...

Friday was a pie day for NASA balloon watchers at Wanaka Airport.

Rise and fall of the Southern Alps

The Southern Alps are eroding away almost as quickly as the tectonic plates are pushing them up.

Without erosion the Alps would be about six times their present height.

Why alternative facts are 'unsustainable'

Bill Nye Saves The World is a platform to tackle big existential questions of our time.

The Science Guy hopes his new series teaches people critical thinking.

Kiwi scientist's NASA shot

'Super-Earth' MOA-2012-BLG-505Lb is about 24,000 light years away from earth.

A "million to one" punt worked. Now, Nasa wants to use Kiwi-proven planet-finding technique.

March for science

More than 500 events are planned to take place worldwide this Saturday under the March for Science banner, including one ...

Good science helps us understand our world and is worth fighting for, campaigners say.

'Biggest spider I've ever seen'

A large spider living in the dunes near New Brighton, Christchurch.

It's black, red and has a body the size of a roll-on deodorant stick - and it's a native.

Penguins 'moved north to NZ'

Yellow-eyed penguins/hoiho are of the world's rarest penguin species, these birds do not form colonies and can travel ...

The endangered yellow-eyed penguin beat a retreat to the mainland 500 years ago to avoid the Little Ice Age.

New planet may be right for life video

This artist’s impression shows the exoplanet LHS 1140b, which orbits a red dwarf star 40 light-years from Earth.

Astronomers find one more planet that seems to have the Goldilocks combination: Not too hot and not too cold. It's not so far away either.

Dragon's blood an antibiotic

Bacteria from the mouth of a Komodo dragon can cause poisoning in humans, but their blood might just help in the fight ...

It sounds like something out of Harry Potter. Komodo dragon blood may be a powerful germ-killer.

Huge asteroid to sail past Earth video

An artist's impression of an asteroid near the Earth.

Nicknamed "The Rock" after Dwayne Johnson, it's hurtling this way at 33 metres a second.

Our Alps save rivers, not glaciers

Hikers, bottom right, dwarfed by the Franz Josef Glacier.

Water from a Canadian glacier suddenly switched from one river to another. Could it happen in NZ?

An astronomical Kiwi name

Dr Michele Bannister has had an asteroid named after her. Asteroid (10463) Bannister was discovered in 1979 and now has ...

A New Zealand woman's name is etched in space.

Giant shipworm incredibly lazy

The giant shipworm can grow to over a metre in length.

Scientists find mollusc that can grow as tall as a 12-year-old child and appears to survive without eating.

Nasa examines 'extreme' NZ rain

Rainfall accumulations from ex-cyclones Debbie and Cook from April 5 to 14. Red indicates around 80mm of rain.

Enough rain and snow falls each year to cover New Zealand in water to a depth of 2.1 metres.

The disturbing crack in a big glacier video

A closeup shot shows the new rift on Greenland's large Petermann Glacier.

Photographs of Greenland's enormous Petermann Glacier show a new and ominous crack.

The river that disappeared video

A stream flows through the toe of Kaskawulsh glacier in Canada. In 2016, this channel allowed the glacier's meltwater to ...

Within four days, the water gushing from a glacier switched from one river to another. The Slims River died.

Earth at night, mapped

A 2016 full hemisphere view of Earth showing Europe, Africa, India and Asia.

New high-resolution map of Earth at night shows NZ mostly shrouded in darkness outside the main centres.

Quake cracks study launched

Lateral spread at Porritt Park in Wainoni.

Researchers want to speak to anyone who saw cracks appear beside the Avon River or Courtenay Stream following the Canterbury quakes.

Explaining the extremes

The 2013 drought had a huge impact on New Zealand – according to Treasury estimates, it cost the New Zealand economy at ...

OPINION: Scientists are seeking to understand the links between extreme weather events and climate change.

Learning to live with floods

Building higher stopbanks is not the answer to preventing floodwaters from submerging homes, says Ian Fuller.

OPINION: By permitting flooding in areas where people don't live, areas where people do live can be better protected

Marvellous night for a moonbow

Nick Love was lucky to capture a picture of a moonbow late on Friday night.

A rare lunar rainbow, or moonbow, was spotted over the central North Island on Friday.

Marching for science

Hundreds marched for women in Wellington in January. Organisers of Saturday's March for Science hope for a good turnout.

Organisers are planning that Saturdays' March for Science will be positive rather than an attack on the science policies of US president Donald Trump.

Our money is filthy but mostly harmless

Most of the bacteria on American notes were harmless commensals.

NZ money carries more traces of meth than any other country's money.

'Tricky customer' back in wild

A young male kea found badly injured in December is getting his first taste of freedom back home in Fiordland after he ...

Staff at Wildbase Hospital say they'll miss their cheeky patient ... a bit.

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