Scientists build 'mini-stomachs'

World's first "mini-stomachs", made from stem cells, could spur research into cancer, ulcers and diabetes.

Faster than the Jetsons' car

It's better than a bird, better than a plane — maybe even better than Superman. It's a flying car.

No, we're not on our own


Professor clarifies statement on creation of humans after misinterpretation spreads.

Take-off turns to disaster

A commercial space station supply ship rocket has exploded after lift-off at Virginia launch site.

'God isn't a wizard'

Pope Francis backs the evolution theory but says there was no Big Bang without God.

Disease risks lie in ancient poo

Ancient viruses in poo

Defrosting ancient poo could reintroduce some age-old bugs to the modern world, scientists say.

Stresses shift in Strait faults

quake generic

Cook Strait faults may be further from rupturing after last year's big Marlborough earthquakes.

Rhinos get solar heating

White rhino

Hamilton Zoo's hefty herd of white rhino are now being kept warmer and drier with a cosy new pad.

Moa extinction rapid - study


The moa was doomed the moment humans landed in NZ, new research suggests.

Cold sores linked to Alzheimer's

alzheimer's nz

Infection with the virus that causes cold sores significantly increases the risk of Alzheimer's disease, a new study indicates.

Paralysed man walks again

A paralysed man can walk again after a revolutionary treatment hailed as "more impressive than walking on the moon".

Space: it's a noisy place


Ever wondered what the deepest, darkest corners of space sound like? Nasa has the answer.

Last month hottest in 135 years

rio strap

Globally, last month was the hottest September in 135 years of record keeping, as the Earth continues to warm.

Strong quake barely shakes

Earthquake generic

Gisborne is currently experiencing a large earthquake - not that you'll feel it.

Magnetic pulses battle the blues

magnet strap

A machine that sends magnetic pulses into a patient’s brain has become the new frontier of depression treatment.

Why women should go to Mars first

Thanks to their size, women are, on average, cheaper to launch and fly than men.

Trying to quell Ebola fears

Ebola's not transmitted by the air, the US Center for Disease Control says. Fear and ignorance are transmitted by the air.

The sideways origin of sex

Scientists have revealed the origins of sex, discovering that it wasn't always performed like we do it today.

What is a sinkhole?

Sinkholes form when earth and rock fall into a cavity below the ground's surface.

Fusion energy breakthrough

Claims a nuclear fusion power source small enough to fit on a truck will be ready in a decade.

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