Aurora lights up New Zealand skies gallery

Bruce Mackay Tim Maynard Ross Younger Jordan McInally/ Undersoul Photography Stephen Voss Stephen Voss Stephen Voss MAKI YANAGIMACHI/Earth & Sky Ltd Allan Scadden MAKI YANAGIMACHI/Earth & Sky Ltd

Bruce Mackay got the Milky Way into his shot from Red Rocks in Wellington.

Tim Maynard took this photo at Invercargill.

Taken from outside Lincoln, near Christchurch.

From Jacks Point.

The Aurora Australis from the Otago Peninsula.

From Otago.

From Otago.

The Aurora Australis puts on a display over Tekapo.

The lights seen from Wellington's Houghton Bay about 10.30pm on Saturday.

Lighting up Tekapo.

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A spectacular green and pink Aurora Australis has danced across the night sky of New Zealand.

Images of the breath taking display were captured from Tekapo on Saturday night by Maki Yanagimachi, a photographer at Earth and Sky, the education centre linked to Mt John University Observatory.

"It's always a blast getting to shoot the southern lights regardless of how intense they may be. Nights like these make me feel very thankful that my grandfather got me into photography when I was ten years old," she said.

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The aurora flared up in two stages on Saturday night, around 8.30pm and 11pm.

"I've been taking photos of the aurora for a long time now but I still get excited when I see the glow in the southern sky," Yanagimachi said.

The aurora took place within the Aoraki-Mackenzie Dark-Sky Reserve, recognised as one of the best stargazing spots in the world. It was also visible from other parts of the country, will reports of it being seen in Otago and the Wellington region.

Auroras are caused when solar flares send charged particles towards Earth which collide with the upper atmosphere.

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