Squid sperm inseminate diner's mouth

23:13, Jun 14 2012

A semi-cooked squid inseminated a 63-year-old Korean woman's mouth as she was eating it causing her to feel a "pricking and foreign-body sensation", according to research.

The woman, from Seoul, immediately spat out the partially boiled squid along with its internal organs after experiencing severe pain in her mouth.

Despite that, she could feel many "small squirming'' organisms in her mouth.

A trip to the hospital revealed she had twelve "small, white, spindle-shaped, bug-like organisms stuck in the mucous membrane of the tongue, cheek and gingiva", the researchers said.

Doctors initially thought they were squid parasites because they were still moving during the examination.

However, researchers later noticed the presence of a sperm bag and identified the creatures as the dead squid's spermatophores.

The finding was released in a scientific paper published by American Society of Parasitologists in the Journal of Parasitology.

Researchers believe the sperm bags were discharged while chewing. They warned squid-lovers to remove internal organs if consuming it raw, or to boil them long enough to kill the sperm bags.

The incident wasn't the first to be reported - several cases of oral stings by squid have taken place in Japan.

Squids contain an ejaculatory apparatus for releasing sperm mass when it comes into contact with a female. The bags become attached to the female's body before the sperm slowly emerge from it.