Hubble snaps photo of 'Christmas ornament' nebula

06:24, Dec 21 2012

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It's the time of year when even the scientists at NASA get into the holiday spirit. Last year, the space agency's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer snapped an image of a cosmic Christmas wreath for the holiday season.

Not be outdone, the venerable Hubble Space Telescope delivered holiday cheer in the form of this image of NGC 5189, a nebula that - if you're brimming over with holiday cheer or just squinting a little - resembles a very merry Christmas ornament wrapped in a festive ribbon.

Is the "ornament" interpretation meeting astronomers - and we suspect NASA's PR wonks - more than halfway? Yeah, probably a little more than half, but come on - 'tis the season. You can afford to be that generous, right?

For those feeling slightly less festive, a menacing skull can also be seen in the nebula.

Either way, we can all agree that the beauty of the image on its own is enough to make you smile.

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