Astronaut offers Twitter's eye view of NZ

03:53, Feb 08 2013
Taupo from Space
Chris Hadfield's ISS view of Taupo reminded him of his pet dog, Albert.
Mt Taranaki from ISS
Chris Hadfield's ISS view of Mount Taranaki was almost 'too perfect to be real'.
Hawke's Bay from the ISS
Chris Hadfield's ISS view of Hawke's Bay highlights the region's ruggedness.
Auckland from the ISS
Chris Hadfield's ISS view of Auckland shows off the region's varied geology.

After chatting with famed starship captain, James T Kirk (AKA actor William Shatner), astronaut Chris Hadfield decided to share his unique view of Aoteoroa.

Canadian astronaut Commander Hadfield today offered up some high-definition portraits of New Zealand as seen from the International Space Station.

Views of Taupo, Hawke's Bay, Taranaki and Auckland were offered up on the commander's official Twitter account, which he has regularly updated while on assignment as Flight Engineer aboard the space station.