Slapping a space sandwich together

01:54, Mar 07 2013

Space is the final frontier for many reasons, not least because it's hard to get a good sandwich.

Weightlessness in space offers challenges to sandwich making, but International Space Station (ICC) resident Chris Hadfield shows the finished product can be just as tasty.

The space station commander, in a series of videos, has been showing people back on Earth how astronauts live day-to-day.

His latest effort features him making a tortilla, flavoured with some peanut butter and honey.

The weightlessness results in food behaving in different ways to how it does on Earth.

For one, it floats, but also bubbles in liquids don't rise to the surface. In Hadfield's bottle of honey, the bubbles sit in the middle of the sticky liquid.

Hadfield, a Canadian, is one of six people on the station and arrived there in December 2012.

The ISS orbits Earth about 15 times daily at an altitude of up to 410km.

It has been continuously occupied for over 12 years.