Quake live chat with a GNS scientist

Following a series a significant quakes that rattled our cities and nerves in the last few days, we've invited a GNS earthquake expert to our offices to answer your questions.

A violent 6.5 earthquake shook much of central New Zealand last night and saw thousands of people huddled under tables and door frames, as masonry and shattered glass showered down on to the street.

The quake, centred in the Cook Strait, 20 kilometres east of Seddon at a depth of 17 kilometres, was one of more than more than 230 earthquakes recorded in the area since Friday, with about 15 rating above magnitude 4.

Are you wondering what to expect with aftershocks? Would you like to know more about how the quakes occurred in the first place? Do you wonder where else quakes could strike in NZ?

GNS seismologist Stephen Bannister will be logging in at 12pm to answer your questions. We'll open the chat box from 11.30am for you to start sending in your questions.

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