Morning bright light 'brilliant white'

00:58, Mar 04 2014
'LOVELY VENUS': The planet Venus shines a "brilliant white" in the morning sky.

A bright light in the morning sky is "lovely Venus" glowing at its nearest and brightest.

On a clear night now, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter could be seen with the naked eye, Wellington's Carter Observatory education officer John Field said.

"Lovely Venus at its brightest" could be seen glowing a "brilliant white" in the east from about 3.30am till sunrise.

While still 100 million kilometres from Earth, it was now as close as it got and on the right angle from the Sun to glow the most brilliantly.

About 4.30am, Mercury could be seen glowing "orangey" in the east and closer to the horizon.

Looking towards the northern skies, Saturn was visible with a yellow hue from about 11.30 each night, while Mars was in a similar area with a red glow from about 10.30pm.

Jupiter was glowing bright white due north just after sunset, Field said.